– Mark Moore, New York Post

Mark Moore of the New York Post reports on President Trump’s trip to Las Vegas with First Lady Melania Trump where he will meet with first responders, survivors, victims’ families, and local officials. Moore writes that as the President left the White House, he mentioned it is a “very, very sad day for me personally,” and that he and the First Lady are “going to pay [their] respects and to see the police who have done really a fantastic job in a very short time.” This will be the first trip to the site of a mass shooting during his presidency, Moore concludes.

Regarding tax reform, the Heritage Foundation’s Sondra Clark writes in The Daily Signal that lowering America’s uncompetitive corporate tax rate “has the potential to lead to higher wages, cheaper products, and a stronger economy.”

Hasil gambar untuk Trump’s Katrina? Try the Media’s Waterloo

On hurricane relief, Mike Sabo of American Greatness writes on the left-leaning media coverage that followed the federal response to Hurricane Maria. Sabo states “The Left and its accomplices in the press couldn’t pin the blame on Trump for the administration’s responses to the hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast states…but in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria…they thought they finally got their story.”

And the Investor’s Business Daily editorial board points to a new study by the Pew Research Center which shows that media coverage of Trump’s initial weeks in office were “the most skewed and biased, by far” of any recent President, saying it shows the media has “abandoned all pretense of fairness or objectivity in their reporting, in favor of rank politicization of the news and even basic facts.”


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