Modern American women succeed under Republican economic policies

Modern American women succeed under Republican economic policies

– The Hill

“Evidence that policies focused on growth and economic mobility greatly improve the lives of women is everywhere,” fiscal policy expert Mattie Duppler writes in The Hill. Duppler highlights how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Donald J. Trump has improved the landscape for women, whether they are “workers, or bosses, or stay-at-home moms.”

Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases

Hasil gambar untuk Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases

– Reuters

“U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed federal prosecutors on Wednesday to seek the death penalty in drug-related cases whenever it is ‘appropriate,’ saying the Justice Department must boost efforts to counter America’s epidemic of opioid abuse,” Reuters reports. The Attorney General’s remarks came after President Trump announced a detailed plan on the opioid crisis earlier this week.

Daily Signal exclusive: Ivanka Trump on jobs, millennials, and #MeToo

Hasil gambar untuk Daily Signal Exclusive: Ivanka Trump on Jobs, Millennials, and #MeToo

– The Daily Signal

Senior leaders from across the Administration—including President Trump himself—fielded a range of questions Thursday at Generation Next, a White House forum for millennials. Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump sat down with The Daily Signal for a Q&A, explaining why she thinks “this is a moment of incredible opportunity” for women in America.

AIDS researcher Robert R. Redfield named to lead the C.D.C.

– The New York Times

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration tapped Dr. Robert R. Redfield, cofounder of the Institute for Human Virology, to lead the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Redfield has “decades of science and clinical work – especially in the field of H.I.V./AIDS.” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar called Dr. Redfield “peerless” in his depth of experience.

Senators announce legislation to charge fentanyl pushers more harshly

– The Washington Free Beacon

“Trump called for the use of the death penalty in certain drug-trafficking related cases as part of the announcement on Monday of his administration’s strategy for combatting the opioid epidemic,” Charles Fain Lehman reports. By Thursday, five Republican lawmakers had announced a new bill that would toughen the charges facing dealers who traffic in fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid.

House passes bill that would give patients access to experimental drugs

– The New York Times

“The House, spurred on by President Trump, passed a bill on Wednesday that would give patients with terminal illnesses a right to try unproven experimental treatments,” Robert Pear reports. Proponents of the bill say it will “give dying patients a chance to obtain potentially helpful prescription drugs without waiting for the completion of clinical trials.”

Trump takes part in millennial forum

Hasil gambar untuk President Trump Participates in a Panel Discussion at the Generation Next Summit

– USA Today

On Thursday, President Trump participated in a Q&A with conservative advocate Charlie Kirk at the White House’s Generation Next forum. Their conversation covered taxes, trade policy, and what advice the President would give to a 25-year-old Donald Trump today.

5 principles for infrastructure success

– The Washington Times

“Investment in infrastructure is coming at just the right time for America,” Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE) writes this week. “Over the past year, the Trump administration has listened to states while developing policy proposals.” Gov. Ricketts joined President Trump at the White House when the President unveiled his plan for rebuilding American infrastructure last month.

Obama EPA Administrators spent eight times more than Pruitt on international travel

– The Washington Free Beacon

Travel for President Obama’s EPA Administrators cost taxpayers roughly $1 million, The Washington Free Beaconreports. “The double-standard couldn’t be more clear: Under Barack Obama’s EPA the media chose not to report on expenditures to protect the EPA administrator for international travel or the costs of their trips,” EPA Spokesman Jahan Wilcox said.


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