NK Report 1

The week that was: Five North Korea articles you don’t want to miss To ensure you never miss out on the best MHI-NK News content, we highlight the top five most-read features and interviews of the week

The third inter-Korean summit: what to expect? By NK Pro

For the first time in over ten years, the leaders of the two Koreas will meet face-to-face on Friday on the southern side of Panmunjom.To say the world is watching would not be an exaggeration: the historic meeting could not come at a more critical time. Having postponed the “fire and fury” promised by U.S. President Donald Trump through surprise Olympic rapprochement.

The Kim Jong Un – Moon Jae-in summit: why it was so personal for me , By Sarah Han

I left North Korea seven days after I turned 14 without even knowing where my destination would be. Out of the blue one day my parents asked if I wanted to go and see my aunt. Just a few days later, I left the country with my uncle. But when I left, I never knew I would be leaving my country. Back then, I did not even know there were things like borders.My uncle and I hid in coal trains to get the border where, since the water was too deep for me, he put me on his shoulder to cross the country.

How Japan can stay relevant on North Korea , By Mintaro Oba

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the United States last week hoping President Donald Trump would give him the diplomatic equivalent of a bear hug: a sign to the Japanese public at a time of political weakness at home that he could count on his close personal relationship with Trump to produce results for Tokyo. On the most contentious issue – trade .

Pyongyang on the Hudson? A Kim Il Sung birthday concert in New York , By Justin Rohrlich

On Saturday night, roughly 400 people gathered for an evening of North Korean music at Merkin Hall, a concert space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.The Ureuk Symphony Orchestra, a 40-member, semi-professional ensemble based in the New York area, was performing its 118th concert; the event had been organized by the Korean American National Coordinating Council (KANCC), a non-profit established in 1997.

The road to denuclearization: key objectives for the inter-Korean summit , By Hyuk Kim

There is a strong hope within the South Korean government that Friday’s inter-Korean summit will create a positive momentum for the anticipated U.S.-DPRK talks. President Moon Jae-in seeks a phased and comprehensive approach to Korean nuclear and reunification issues, and as a short-term goal, he is trying to create an amicable atmosphere between Seoul and Pyongyang to facilitate talks between the regional actors around the peninsula.Kim said ‘we are going to be one again’ as he spoke of ‘sharing the same blood’ before adding: ‘We should pave the way for a new future where all the people can live peacefully.’


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