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Border Wall will Help People on Both Sides — Trump is Right

Border Patrol chief denies claims of mistreatment of migrants: It's not a secret how we're caring for people
“After my trip last week to the southern border, my conviction is stronger than ever that President Trump is right: we have to build the wall. We have to turn off the magnets that attract . . . encourage and allow migrants to enter our country under false pretenses,” Rep. Roger W. Marshall (R-KS) writes in Fox News.

“Last week I joined six other physicians in Congress and found today’s crisis to be so much worse. Despite Herculean efforts by our Border Patrol officers, we are unable to keep up with the deluge of migrants. Our systems are simply overwhelmed, and there appears to be no break in the near future.”

So my conclusion is that until we build a wall, and until we turn off the laws that only serve as magnets, all the money in the world will not have a huge humanitarian impact. We can build more shelters, we can send more doctors and nurses, more food and water, but proportionately more people will die trying to get to this country.

We have to turn off the faucet. Until then, the cartels will keep trafficking and profiting. These laws may come from a place of compassion, and as a Christian and a physician, I understand. But these false promises are only subjecting more and more people to danger, illness, injury and death. It’s not humane, and it’s not just.

Finally, I have to salute the efforts of our men and women on the border. Every day, they perform rescue missions, commonly saving people from drowning in the river, and rescuing migrants who have sustained traumas and injury. They spend 60 percent of their time as nurses and social workers, medics and pastors.

The bottom line: “While the national press portrays the Border Patrol as the ‘bad guy,’ we should recognize that Border Patrol agents are making the best of a very difficult situation — a crisis created by a badly broken immigration system.”

Majority want citizenship question on census, 53%-32%

“Americans by a wide margin agree with President Trump that the upcoming 2020 census should ask a citizenship question,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner. An overwhelming 53 percent of respondents agreed with the President, according to the latest Economist/YouGov poll. Less than a third disagreed.

The latest Economist/YouGov poll found that 53% feel it should ask the question versus 32% who don’t.

The survey asked: “Do you think the federal government should or should not ask people whether they are American citizens as part of the 2020 census?”

  • Should ask 53%
  • Should not ask 32%
  • Not sure 14%

The Supreme Court has rejected including the question in a form the administration proposed but left the door open to another version. And Trump is considering changing the version. And it can be done, according to legal expert and George Washington University Law professor John Banzhaf.

“There are several rationales — including one based upon the Constitution itself — which could well still persuade the courts to permit a citizenship question on the census, especially if the explanation were included in the executive order now being considered, rather than in some new declaration by the Secretary of Commerce,” he said in a review of the court’s decision

Just in: 55% of Hispanics support U.S. citizenship question on Census, too

Hasil gambar untuk Majority want citizenship question on census, 53%-32%

Two-thirds of voters approve of a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and that includes a majority of Hispanic voters — despite claims by Democratic lawmakers that the inquiry would discourage participation in Latino communities.

A Harvard University Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll found that 67% of all registered U.S. voters say the census should ask the citizenship question when the time comes. That includes 88% of Republicans, 63% of independents and 52% of Democrats.

Most notably, the poll found that 55% of Hispanic voters favor the idea. Also in agreement: 74% of rural voters, 59% of black voters, 58% of urban voters and 47% of voters who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. At 44%, liberal voters were the least likely to favor the citizenship question.

At the other end of the scale, 92% of Trump voters and 90% of conservatives back the question.

Why Trump alternative to NAFTA is good for California farmers

“USMCA improves virtually every component of the old NAFTA, and California’s agriculture industry stands to gain significantly,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue writes in the San Francisco Chronicle. “When President Trump mentioned the possibility of withdrawing from NAFTA, the universal hue and cry from agriculture was ‘do no harm.’ Not only has he done that, he negotiated a better agreement on almost every front.”

Let me give you some data on California’s agricultural output. Over the past 10 years under NAFTA, we have seen a 37% increase in sales of agricultural commodities in California from $36.4 billion to over $50 billion. This is mainly due to the astounding growth in the fruit and nut sector, where sales increased from $11.1 billion to $22 billion, a 100% increase. The almond industry has seen a dramatic rise in total acres increasing from 825,000 acres to 1,390,000 acres, a 68% jump. Also, demand for California’s wines led to a 19% boost in grape acres while producers added nearly 114,000 acres. Overall, California saw net cash farm income increase by 60% to over $18 billion over the 10-year period.

USMCA benefits California’s entire agricultural industry. By ensuring better market access and advancing science-based rules with our top trading partners, USMCA is a big win. After restricting access to all our dairy imports for years, USMCA cracks open Canada’s highly protected milk market, providing U.S. dairy producers greater access than what was negotiated with past deals. USMCA also eliminates Canada’s unfair Class 7 milk pricing scheme that allows Canada to undersell U.S. milk products in Canada — leveling the playing field for our dairy producers.

California’s wine industry stands to benefit with USMCA by removing technical barriers to trade and eliminating measures discriminating against the sale of American wine and distilled spirits in British Columbia grocery stores and wine shops.

For the first time, trading rules specifically address agricultural biotechnology to support innovation and reduce trade-distorting policies. Poultry and egg producers have new access to Canada. USMCA updates rules of origin for processed fruits to ensure preferences benefit U.S. producers. While improving the flow of trade, the new agreement strengthens science-based sanitary and phytosanitary measures to protect human, animal, and plant health.

On my first day as secretary, President Trump promised he’d fight for better deals for American farmers — USMCA is proof of that. Our farmers, ranchers, and producers have an abundance of the highest quality products they want to sell around the globe. President Trump is laying the foundation for a stronger farm economy through USMCA and other free and fair trade deals. When President Trump mentioned the possibility of withdrawing from NAFTA, the universal hue and cry from agriculture was “do no harm.” Not only has he done that, he negotiated a better agreement on almost every front.

Trump’s healthcare executive order is a win for everyday Americans

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President Trump recently signed an executive order to make healthcare prices more transparent by requiring “hospitals to publicly post standard prices for medical care in an ‘easy-to-understand, consumer-friendly’ format that will ‘allow patients to compare prices across hospitals,’” healthcare expert Sally Pipes writes in the Washington Examiner. “Patients’ wallets will benefit from more competition. The president’s efforts to boost price transparency can help provide just that.”

Consider the evidence from New Hampshire, where state officials launched a website in 2007 that allows consumers to compare health costs. University of Michigan researchers recently analyzed how this affected prices for medical imaging procedures, such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays, by looking at data from 2005 to 2011.

They found that, by 2011, the website helped lower out-of-pocket costs by 11%. All told, individuals saved approximately $7.9 million, and insurers saved $36 million in the five years after the site went live.

Or take an analysis from the University of Notre Dame, which found that customers who search for prices can save 10% to 17% on care. Another report from Yale University revealed that customers are likely to pick cheaper healthcare options when they receive cost information in a clear way.

Mike Pence slams Ocasio-Cortez for ‘outrage’ comparing detention facilities to Nazi camps

Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence criticized a Democratic member of Congress “for cheapening the Holocaust by comparing the Nazi death camps to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol detention facilities for illegal immigrants,” Dave Boyer reports for The Washington Times. “To compare the humane work of dedicated men and women of Customs and Border Protection with the horrors of the Holocaust is an outrage,” the Vice President said.“The Nazis took lives. American law enforcement saves lives every day.”

The vice president used the speech to highlight what he called Democrats’ hypocrisy in failing to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. He also accused the Democratic Party of abandoning Israel, saying the party “has been co-opted by people who promote rank, anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

“The party that has been home to so many American Jews for so long recently couldn’t even muster the votes to unequivocally condemn anti-Semitism in a resolution,” he said.

Mr. Pence aimed most of his criticism at Ms. Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who visited a detention center in Texas last week and compared it to Nazi “concentration camps.” Her comment has sparked widespread condemnation of the comparison.

“We must never allow the memory of those lost in the Holocaust to be [cheapened] or used as a cliché to advance some left-wing political narrative,” Mr. Pence said. “But sadly, in recent weeks, that’s exactly what some Democrats have tried to do. And her allies in Congress, the left, and the media shamefully came to her defense.”

He noted that Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, when asked Monday whether she agreed with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s characterization, said “absolutely.”

The vice president called the lawmakers’ remarks a “slander of law enforcement” and “an insult to the six million killed in the Holocaust.”

“It should be condemned by every American of every political party everywhere!” Mr. Pence said to applause.

American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s “theatrics are unacceptable.”

“Her use of words and phrases which conjure painful emotional triggers for the Jewish people displays obliviousness to the feelings and history of Jews, and demeans her own cause by rendering these words elastic and adaptable for political purposes,” he said.

Mr. Rosen said the situation on the border “is brutal and countermands America’s deepest-held values.”

“But connecting it to the Holocaust in order to get attention and score political points is lazy and divisive; what we need is real effort and solidarity among people of goodwill to confront the problem,” he said.

The president last week signed a $4.6 billion spending bill to provide more humanitarian aid and shelter for illegal immigrants apprehended at the border. Mr. Pence said Monday the U.S. facilities have been “overwhelmed” by the recent rise of border crossings.

“We’re actually on track, this year, to see … nearly a million people to come across our southern border to take advantage of well-advertised loopholes in America’s asylum laws,” Mr. Pence said.

He criticized congressional Democrats, saying they “denied there was even a crisis at our border” for the past six months.

“They called it a ‘manufactured crisis,’ ” he said. “In so doing, they denied additional funding to care for the vulnerable families flowing across our southern border. And as I stand here today, they continue to refuse to close the loopholes used by human traffickers to exploit those vulnerable families.”

He told the audience, “You all deserve to know the same members of Congress who had the gall to compare our detention facilities to concentration camps voted against providing additional humanitarian aid to the same facilities they denounced.”

“In the face of that type of Democrat obstruction, I’ll make you a promise: Under this president’s leadership, we will secure our border,” Mr. Pence said. “We will provide compassionate relief to vulnerable families swept up in the crisis. And we will fix this broken immigration system once and for all.”

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