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MHI-On 19-26 August 2019, a rally occurred in several cities in the provinces of Papua and West Papua, Indonesia, partly accompanied by riots. The rally was conducted to respond to the arrest of a number of students from Papua by police and soldiers in several places in East Java on 17 August 2019.

Background of Genesis

On 15 August 2019, it coincided with the commemoration of the signing of the New York agreement and a discussion about Papua at the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Tuvalu which was also followed by the leadership of the Liberation union Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). Benny Wenda.

The rally took place in several cities in Indonesia, including Jayapura, Sentani, Ternate, Ambon, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Malang. The protests include the ULMWP Action committee, the Papua Student Alliance (AMP), the Indonesian Front for West Papua (FRI-WP), and the Papua Student Community (KMP).

In Yogyakarta and Jakarta, the rally took place without interruption later in Bandung, the rally had to move locations to avoid attacks from more than a hundred civilian militias.

Meanwhile, rallies in Jayapura, Sentani, Ternate, and Ambon were dissolved by security forces and protesters were arrested, although later released again after some time.

In Malang, East Java, the mass of protesters clashes with people who confront them and then with Aremania masses who are about to watch a football match between Arema and Persebaya. At around 9 am, when heading to Malang’s City hall, the mass of protesters from the Papua Student Alliance and the Indonesian Front for West Papua are blocked by a number of residents around the Rajabali intersection.

There was a concinkling between protesters and the roadblock, followed by the chase and the intertwined rock-throwing in Jalan Basuki Rahmat. The police then disagreed and blocked the two masses. The mass of protesters then had a chance to isolate Papua’s independence.

Around 10.15, Aremania’s mob who happened to go to the match at Kanjuruhan Stadium began arriving on site. Furthermore, there was screaming between the masses and forced dissolution by Aremania masses. A new clash can actually be stopped at around 10.30. The mob of protesters was then transported with a police truck and subsequently repatrised, while the injured protesters were immediately taken to the hospital.

The Malang city police revealed to the press after the incident that the Malang rally was not licensed because it did not provide a receipt of a rally application.

In addition, when asked by the press on the possibility of repatriation of Papuan students to his hometown after the incident, Malang deputy Mayor Sofyan Edi Jarwoko replied that it can be an option.

Meanwhile, the Papua Student Alliance as a rally performer states that they are being attacked by a group of community organisations.

They get hate speech and physical violence that makes five people injured. In addition, according to them, the police let the violence happen to them.

Chronology of unrest

On 19 August 2019, thousands of people ralled in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua province. This demonstration turned into a riot that resulted in the burning of the local DPRD building. According to Indonesian officials, three police officers were injured for the throwing stone demonstrators. In addition to public facilities, some private properties are also tampered. Some protesters carrying a star flag of the old Dutch New Guinea were used by the West Papuan separatist movement-crying pro-independence Slogans.

The Vice governor of West Papua, Mohamad Lakotani, said the city’s economy was entirely paralyzed by protests. According to a spokesman of the National Committee for West Papua, a female patron was shot at the ankle during a protest in Manokwari. The Indonesian armed forces told the media that 300 soldiers were deployed to Manokwari on 21 August. In Jayapura, the capital of the Papua province, hundreds of protesters lowered the red white flag in front of the governor’s office. Protesters also block the road to Sentani airport.

The protests also took place Sorong, and there reportedly sounded a sound of gunfire, in response to the “monkey ” slur in Surabaya, some demonstrators dressed as monkeys. The mob invaded Domine Eduard Osok Airport and threw stones in the glass window of the airport, damaging the terminal building. This attack also interferes with airport operations for a while. Aside from the airport, the city’s prison was also tampered with, resulting in an escape from 258 convicts and injuring several prison guards, although on 23 August a prison official noted that most of the escaped prisoners were only attempting to Escaped from the fire and checked their family then that most of the escapees had returned to jail.

About 4000-5,000 demonstrators burst in the mining city of Timika, which resulted in a visible breakdown of a hotel near the local parliament of the Mimika district. Further clashes between demonstrators and police took place in front of the parliament building, as police dissolved the crowd awaiting the Regent Mimika Eltinus Omaleng. Dozens were eventually arrested, charged with damaging the Hotel or forcing the local car workshop to provide tires to burn tires, while 3 policemen were reportedly injured due to the incident.

Thousands of demonstrators were also united in the city of Fakfak on 21 August, which caused chaos to cause the traditional market and office buildings to be vandalized by demonstrators, Kekacauanpun continued and the demonstrators obstructed and shut the way to Fakfak Torea Airport, the police faced the demonstrators and the police also fired tear gas to the protesters to dissolve the mass anarchist action of the demonstrator. According to the head of the field of public relations of Papua Polda AKBP Mathias Krey, police officers and TNI are already in the demonstration site to do security, the situation is  “controlled ” and only about 50 people involved in the manufacturing of torch in the traditional market, as a result From this incident some people were injured in the protests and clashes, he said when contacted from Jayapura, Papua.

Rally in various cities/districts including Jakarta

Protests were also held in the towns of Merauke, Nabire, Yahukimo and Biak. Papuan students in Jakarta also held protests in front of the Ministry of the Interior on 22 August and more than a hundred Papuan students joined in the Student Alliance of Antiracism, capitalism, colonialism, and militarism. Moved from the Indonesian army Mabes to the presidential palace, Jakarta.

They were moving to rally at the front aspiration Park of the presidential palace complex. On the way, several times the mass of action claimed that Papuans bill the right to self-determination through a referendum.

Ambros (Orator) said that Papua does not need special autonomy (otsus). The reason, otsus that has been running about 19 years is only the way the government of Indonesia returns some of the proceeds from the sales of Papua’s natural resources. He also confirmed that the people of Papua did not need development. But the them needed independence that they had not been able to get.  “Pak… Papuans ask to solve the human rights case, he love development. We ask for independence, he wakes up the road,  “said him. This action group dissolved and got escort from police, central Jakarta Metro Polres with 50 personnel to escort them to the office of LBH Jakarta,  “(escort) to LBH Jakarta There are fifty people, ” said Kapolres Metro Central Jakarta Kombes Harry Kurniawan when encountered at the action site.

Peace Demo action in some cities of Papua and Jayapura

The peaceful demo action conducted by Papuan people as a disappointment over the incidents that occurred in Surabaya and Malang some time ago, took place in several cities in Papua, including in the capital city of Jayapura held Monday (19/8). Then Tuesday (20/8) was continued in several cities including Merauke, Biak, Serui and Nabire. While the Wednesday (21/8) Demo action took place in Timika and Friday (23/8) took place at Sarmi safely and peacefully.

More peaceful protests continued, with a peaceful “Long March” in Sarmi Regency of Papua Province on August 23rd under strict escort of TNI and police, the traffic flow was quiet due to a number of roads in particular the main road of Sarmi The city of the DPRD office in the new town of Petam was blockaded by the people of Sarmi who did long Mars while shouting “We are not monkeys”, according to Leon Buney’s action today is an action solidarity rejecting racism aimed at the Papuans and is a form of disappointment of the people of Papua special Sarmi in the siege of a Papuan student dormitory in Surabaya on August 16, 2019, “Today there are four demands that must be forwarded to the central government, among others, evidently complete actors Mention of the Papua face of the monkey, the nation Indonesia stop says we are monkeys, proved the issue related to the disposal of red white flags, and urged local governments and DPRD Sarmi to establish a team to ensure the safety, comfort of students and students Sarmi origin that while studying outside Papua “firmly responsible for the demo, Leon Buney in the yard office of the DPRD.

Then the pro-independence rally Was carried out in Semarang the next day and other protests that protest against the racism was also held in Yogyakarta, Bandung and Denpasar, among others.

Some activists noted that the protests were the biggest in the region for many years and Protespun continued on 26 August, with the flag of West Papua flown by peaceful demonstrators in Deiyai district numbering 5,000 according to Organizers, along with simultaneous rallies in the cities of Papua in Wamena, Paniai, Yahukimo, and Dogiyai in addition to cities outside Papua such as Makassar.


Following the protest action, Kemenkominfo has been throttling or throttling access/bandwidth in some areas of West Papua and Papua where mass action on Monday (19/8), such as Manokwari, Jayapura and several other places.

The access throttling is done gradually since Monday (19/8) at 13.00 WIT and has been normalized again at 20.30 WIT the same day following the situation that is already conducive.

“We can tell that the purpose of throttling is to prevent the extent of the spread of hoaks that triggered the action,” said Ferdinandus.

So far, according to Ferdinandus, the Ministry of Cominfo has identified 2 (two) scattered hoaks through social media and instant messaging that is the hoaks of Papua student photos dead beaten apparatus in Surabaya and hoaks that mention that Polres Surabaya Kidnap two people introduction to food for Papuan students.

“Kemkominfo Asked community not to spread the hoaks, disinformation, SARA-based hate speech that could harm the unity and unity of the nation of Indonesia,” wrote Plt. Head of Bureau of Public Relations, Ferdinandus Setu, in the press release Monday (19/8).

The Government regrets the growing incidence of red and white flag abuse in East Java, followed by negative statements by the persons, thus triggering action in some areas, especially in Papua and West Papua Real disturbing togetherness and unity as a nation.

The government statement was submitted by the Coordinating Minister for Poltik, Law, and Security (Polhukam) Wiranto in a press release in the headquarters of Kemenko Polhukam, Jakarta, Monday (19/8) noon, responding to an action-tailed riot that took place in Manokwari Regency, Papua.

“It has been instructed to conduct a thorough and fair investigation of anyone who is deemed to be violating the law in this event,” said Wiranto.

To the whole community, Menko Polhukam urged not to be hooked and affected by the negative news of the irresponsible party for damaging our unity, peace, and togetherness as a dignified nation.

“The government provides a fully secured assurance for security stability throughout the region,” said Wiranto.

KAPOLRI Tito Karnavian claims that the riots were caused by the man’s occation, the person then disseminated untrue information or hoaks on social media. Among them the greeting or the food addressed to Papuan students. In addition to incidents in Surabaya and the treatment of the students involved, a trick about one of the students killed during their detention.

Minister of Research, Technology, and higher Education (MENRISTEKDIKTI) Mohamad Nasir encourages Indonesian people and Indonesians to maintain their conduciveness, and does not exaggerate problems.

“We go back to the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), so we take care of” the Menristekdikti of journalists to respond to the action of burning action in the city of Manokwari, Papua, Monday (19/8) noon.

On Monday (19/8) evening, President Joko Widodo released a statement that encouraged calmness and recorded to the Papuans that the president admitted there was a breach for both Papuans and West Papuans against their relatives ‘ case in Surabaya and Malang The last few days, so they are emotions. But the head of State reminded, that the best is forgiving each other.

“So, my brothers, Pace, Mace, Mama-Mama in Papua, in West Papua, I knew there was a offense. Therefore, as the brothers and the Motherland, the best is to forgive one another, “president, said to reporters on the porch of Istana Merdeka, Jakarta.

The statement was given by president, in response to the demo action that led to the unrest in Manokwari, Papua, Monday (19/8) noon. This action was triggered by the treatment they considered unfriendly to Papuan students in some cities in Java, among them Surabaya and Malang, a few days ago.

Responding to that, head of state says, that emotion may, but forgive it better, be patient it is also better. President of Indonesia also asserted that the Government will continue to maintain the honor and prosperity of Pace, Mace, Mama-Mama in Papua and West Papua.

Parliamentary response

Vice chairman of the DPR RI Fadli Zon asked the government to handle riots in Manokwari, West Papua quickly and precisely. According to, the accuracy of handling is very important, so it does not raise new issues.

“We hope this is a quick and precise handling. First, this issue is very sensitive, do not let us too late to handle this, “said Fadli responded to the riots in Manokwari, West Papua in Gedung DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (19/08).

Fadli said the handling of Manokwari riot should not be rash. Law enforcement should be a concern in order to provide a sense of justice for all parties. “Do not let any party feel unfairly treated. While the junction issues that can provoke, should be discontinued first, “he explained.

While the chairman of DPR RI Bambang Soesatyo urged the people of Papua as the brothers of the nation to refrain and not provoke various issues. Bamsoet, the familiar greeting the chairman of DPR RI explained, the events that occurred in Papua is not a simple problem, because he observed there is another major agenda being played by certain parties who do not want Papua remains in the lap of the unitary state Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

“I am the chairman of DPR RI encourages our brothers who are in Papua and TNI and police to refrain. Do not provoke various issues that exist. This is not a simple issue due to events in Surabaya alone. But, I see there is a big agenda being played by outside parties who do not want Papua to remain in the lap of the unitary Republic of Indonesia, “said Bamsoet in a press conference at Gedung Nusantara III DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/08).

Security and order recovery process

With consideration to accelerate the process of restoring security and order situation in Papua and its surroundings, and after coordinating with the law enforcement officers and related agencies, Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KEMENKOMINFO) decided To perform a temporary blocking of telecommunication Data services, starting Wednesday (21/8).

“Blocking is valid until the atmosphere of the land of Papua is back conducive and normal,” the press release that was delivered by Task Force (PLT) head of public affairs Kemenkominfo, Ferdinandus Setu, in Jakarta.

President was accompanied by Mensesneg to convey the press information related to developments in Papua, in Istana Bogor, West Java, Thursday (22/8) evening.

“Alhamdulillah The situation has gone normal again, apologies have been done and this shows the greatness of our hearts together for mutual respect, to appreciate each other as a sibling and a land of water,” said President Press release at the Bogor presidential palace, West Java. According to the president, KAPOLRI and the TNI commander and also Menko Polhukam have been in Papua already conveyed that way (the situation goes normal again, red).

While related to Internet blocking in Papua, the president of the Indonesian state, said that everything is for the sake of our common good.

The president also claimed to have commanded Kapolri to prosecute the legally acts of racist and racial discrimination.

“This please underline and next week I will also invite the figures from Papua and West Papua, both indigenous people, public figures, religious figures to come to the palace,” said the president.

In the meeting, according to the president, the plan will be discussed problems of welfare acceleration in the land of Papua.

Other Side

Later Member of the DPR RI Yorrys Raweyai called for the dissolution of Banser Nahdlatul Ulama, stating that the militia dissolution was the demand of demonstrators in Sorong.

Then Tri Susanti, a member of Gerindra and the leader of the Surabaya protests against Papuan students, publicly apologized following the protests in Papua and denied the accusations of physical violence against students.

West Papuan independence Figure Benny Wenda commented that the event in Surabaya has “lit a bonfire almost 60 years of racism, discrimination and torture against the people of West Papua by Indonesia”, he said.

The governor of Papua, Luke Enembe, visited the Papua student building in Surabaya on 27 August but he was rejected by the students who had rejected all visitors.


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