Hasil gambar untuk mediahukumindonesiaFrom: The White House <info@mail.whitehouse.gov>To: <redaksi@mediahukumindonesia.com>Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2019 06:47:12 +0700 Subject: President Trump gives an update on Hurricane Dorian

President Trump gives an update on Hurricane Dorian

In the Oval Office today, President Donald J. Trump received a briefing on the ongoing Government-wide response to Hurricane Dorian. He also shared some important next steps the Administration will be taking to support local relief efforts.

 Watch: President Trump gives an update on Hurricane Dorian

“It looks like Florida is going to be in fantastic shape by comparison to what we thought,” the President said. “It’s starting to move up along the coast,” and “we’re very well prepared” should the storm rapidly turn west.

While Hurricane Dorian moves along the Eastern seaboard, President Trump is asking all residents in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to heed warnings from their local officials.

Following the storm’s devastating impact on the Bahamas, the President announced that incredible members of our U.S. Coast Guard are assisting with rescue efforts there now. Additional humanitarian assistance will be on the way, as well.

Stay prepared: Up-to-date FEMA resources and information on Hurricane Dorian

🎬 More: President Trump says relief efforts are underway in the Bahamas

Video of the Day: Vice President Pence visits Ireland



Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence visited Dublin, where he met with Ireland’s head of state, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. At the historic Farmleigh House, the two leaders underscored the unwavering strength of the American–Irish partnership.

“It is a dynamic economic relationship between the United States and Ireland,” the Vice President said at a joint press conference. “And it’s only growing stronger by the day.”

This particular trip carried some strong family ties for Vice President Pence. As he joked, the Taoiseach’s invitation came with “strings attached”—that the Vice President must bring his mother Nancy, a first-generation Irish-American, along with him.

In 1923, Vice President Pence’s grandfather first came to America from Ireland’s shores. After his grandfather passed in 1981, Mike Pence traveled to Ireland for the first time to see the land where his ancestors grew up.

“Our family cherishes our Irish heritage,” the Vice President said, and during that month-and-a-half trip, “I came to realize that I carry Ireland with me wherever I go—just like more than 30 million Americans who trace their heritage to the Emerald Isle.”

JUST ANNOUNCED: Nearly $2 billion in new funding to combat America’s opioid crisis

Today, President Trump announced that $1.8 billion in new grant money is on its way to help local communities fight opioid addiction.

“These funds will be delivered to the communities where the help is most needed,” the President said. We’re well on our way “to building a drug-free future for our nation.”

More than $900 million of that money will be spread across all 50 states as flexible funds to support prevention, treatment, and recovery services that meet local needs. Another $900 million will help track overdose data in a timely and comprehensive way, helping to develop strategies that will connect suffering Americans with proper treatment.

See how President Trump is fighting to end America’s opioid crisis.

Share your story: The “Crisis Next Door” affects Americans of all backgrounds

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
President Trump speaks with Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, expressing his condolences for the loss of life and catastrophic damage in parts of the Bahamas. The President also confirmed the United States’ commitment to provide prompt humanitarian assistance to the affected people and communities of the Bahamas. | September 4, 2019

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