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PANDEGLANG, BANTEN ,INDONESIAN, MHI-on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at around 11.55 Wib at the gate of the square Menes Villages. Purwaraja sub-districts. The district. Pandeglang has happened to be a concern against the general TNI (Purn) Wiranto, SH. (Menko Polhukam) with the entourage who want to leave Helly field square Menes Villages. Purwaraja sub-districts. The district Pandeglang, Menkopolkuham Wiranto was pierced by unidentified people after visiting the University of Mathla’ul Anwar diPandeglang, Banten to inaugurate a lecture building with the University of Mathla’ul Anwar, (10/10).

Head of Public Information Bureau (Karo Penmas) Division of National Police Department , Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo confirmed the occurrence of the event and said that the perpetrators have already been arrested. “Yes, the perpetrator is secured. Regional Police chief is on the Scene. It is currently being examined, “Dedi said when confirmed by the Media crew.

Genesis Chronology

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Wiranto who was just out of his vehicle but suddenly attacked someone black-jerked and white-panties who tried to marry his weapon Wiranto, but was blocked by the body of Head of police sectors Menes Kompol Dariyanto and H. Fuad That time was beside Wiranto and tried to obstruct a sharp gun attack aimed at Menkopolhukam Wiranto who later accompanied by the attack of women with veiled and dark blue clothes. “The men’s belly pick Wiranto, continue to be withdrawn equal Head of police sectors and Pak Haji culprit but the other perpetrators who direct the women puncture Kapolsek from behind,” said Suharna local residents.

The occurrence of the stabbing that took place quickly by suddenly attacked and stabbing the abdomen general of TNI (Purn) Wiranto, SH.(Menko Polhukam) with a sharp weapon in the form of scissors blindly causing injuries Puncture at Kompol Dariyanto (Head of police sectors Menes) section of the back and H. Fuad (upper left chest).

After the incident, Wiranto was directly rushed to the Hospital blessing Pandeglang to get medical help. Based on the Media crew at RSUD Blessing Pandeglang, Wiranto was directly hospitalized in the emergency Unit room. Around the site seen many police officers who stood in the room. In addition to medical team Regent Pandeglang Irna Velgus seen also entered the room, while the outdoor ambulance car seemed to be at the same.

Meanwhile, two perpetrators are then secured in diMako police sectors Menes ,Pandeglang police resorts with the identity of each The First Fitri Andriana Binti Sunarto, the birth of Brebes 05 May 1998, Muslim and the address of Sitanggai Villages, Regency sub-districts of The district Brebes, then the second Syahril Alamsyah aka Abu Rara birth Medan, 24-08-1988, with the address on Jl. Syahrial VI No 104 LK,Tanjung Mulia Hilir Villages,  Medan Deli sub-districts, Medan City, North Sumatra. With No KK 1271060912100022 and No ID 1271062408680005 (for now concerned stay/contract House in Kp. Sawah Villages/ sub-districts. The district. Pandeglang).

(Joggie/D Bond) MHI Hasil gambar untuk mediahukumindonesia

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