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PANDEGLANG,BANTEN,INDONESIAN, MHI (12/10) – The series of action of the fight against Menko Polhulam General of TNI (Purn) Dr. H. Wiranto performed by two unidentified weapons on Thursday on 10 October 2019 at 11.50 Wib at Menes Kec Square. The District Pandeglang, based on monitoring, search and observation of the Media crew in the Field resulted in the following chronology:

1. At 08.57 WIB Menkopolkam and the group arrives at Menes Square, Menes Purwaraja village, Pandeglang district was greeted by the chief of the police of Banten District, Commander 064/MY Regiment, Regent Pandeglang, Military District Commander 0601 and head Police resort Pandeglang.

2. At 09.05 Wib Menkopolkam and the company headed to the campus Mathlaul Anwar Banten University, Street Raya Labuan KM. 23 , Village Cikaliung , Sindanghayu Village , Saketi District, Pandeglang Districts.

3. At 09.17 Wib Menkopolkam and the group arrived at the campus of the university Mathlaul Anwar Banten, Jalan. Raya Labuan KM. 23 Village Cikaliung, Sindanghayu village, Saketi District, District Pandeglang next attending the building of the lecture college Mathlaul Anwar attended the event, among others:

A. Major General police Tomsi Tohir. (Police chief of Banten district), B. Brigadier General Pol content of Drs Tomex Kurniawan. (Deputy chief of the Banten Regional Police), C. Colonel of Infantry Widiyanto (Commander 064/MY Regiment), D. Major CPM Rukwan Hadi.S.Ag. (Commander of Detachment Pom III/4), E. Hajjah. Irna Velgus SE. MM (Regent Pandeglang), F. AKBP (Lieutenant Colonel). Indra Lutriyanto Amstono, SH. S. IK (police chief of the resort Pandeglang), G. Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry. Denny Juwon Pranata, M. Tr. (Han) (Military District Commander 0601/Pandeglang), H. Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Faurizal Noerdin. (Battalions Commander 320/BP), I. KH Irsyad Djuwaeli. (Chairman of the Majlis Amanah Matlaul Anwar), J. KH. Sadeli Karim. (Chairman of Matlaul Anwar), K. Syeh HasimAhmad Al Goji. (Lecturer Al-Azhar Cairo), L. The dean of Faculty and lecturers of UNMA Banten.

4. At 10.47 Wib Menko Polhukam and the group to the transit room in building I University Mathlaul Anwar for lunch.

5. At 11.00 Wib UNMA Student President Agus Hidayat accompanied Erik vice president of UNMA students meet Menkopolhukam for deliver aspiration (attached) submitted directly, as for the response submitted to the All UNMA students that these aspirations will be delivered to the president, said Menkopolhukam Wiranto.

6. At 11.30 Wib Menkopolhukam and the entourage leave the UNMA to the square Menes Kec. Menes Kab. Pandeglang.

7. At 11.50 Wib Menkopolkam and the entourage arrived at Menes Square.

8. Next from the back direction SDR. Syahrial Alamsyah stabbed Menkopolhukam until he fell, the perpetrators were secured in police and asked for a description.

9. At 11.55 Wib to Menkopolhukam at Menes Medical Center Kec Clinic. The District Pandeglang to get first aid related to the incident.

10. At 12.00 Wib Menkopolhukam was taken to Pandeglang Kec District General Hospital. Kaduhejo Village ,Pandeglang Districts, to get more intensive help again.

Hasil gambar untuk Penusukan Menkopolhukam Wiranto diBanten, Kumparan Gif

As Known By Two perpetrators of the supporters who are then secured at the command Headquarters of the Menes sector Police, Pandeglang with the identity of each, First Fitri Andriana Binti Sunarto, the birth of Brebes 05 May 1998, Muslim and the address of Ds, Sitanggai Kec. Regency of Kab. Brebes, then the second Syahril Alamsyah aka Abu Rara birth Medan, 24-08-1988, located at Jl. Syahrial VI No 104 LK, Ds, Tanjung Mulia Hilir, Kec. Medan Deli, Medan City, North Sumatra. With No KK 1271060912100022 and No KTP 1271062408680005 (for now concerned stay/contract House in Kp. Sawah Villages/ sub-districts. The district. Pandeglang.).

From the incident in addition to Menkopolhukam there are 2 other injured people from the attack : Police Commissioner Dariyanto SH, MH (police chief of Menes sector) at the back and hajj. Fuad (on the left chest).

(Joggie/D Bond) MHI Hasil gambar untuk mediahukumindonesia

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