Hasil gambar untuk mediahukumindonesiaFrom: The White House <info@mail.whitehouse.gov>To: <redaksi@mediahukumindonesia.com>Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2020 05:39:59 +0700 Subject: WATCH: President Trump meets with Kim Kardashian West and grants clemency to 3 mothers

WATCH: President Trump meets with Kim Kardashian West and grants clemency to 3 mothers



Gambar mungkin berisi: 6 orang, orang berdiri, kemungkinan teks bertuliskan 'KIM KARDASHIAN WEST RETURNED RETURNED ON WEDNESDAY το THE OVAL OFFICE to support President Trump's decision to release three women from prison. STEVEN NELSON IN THE NEW YORK POST'

President Trump has made reforming America’s criminal justice system a top priority. In 2018, he signed the bipartisan First Step Act, which is leading to fairer sentencing guidelines and helping more former inmates transition into the labor force.

Yesterday, the President welcomed Kim Kardashian West and Alice Marie Johnson to the Oval Office. Johnson, a great-grandmother, served nearly 22 years in federal prison for a first-time criminal offense before President Trump commuted her sentence in 2018. She and Kardashian West joined President Trump yesterday as he presented signed clemency documents to three mothers: Judith Negron, Crystal Munoz, and Tynice Nichole Hall.

Americans granted clemency or pardons by President Trump are selected based on factors such as excessive sentencing and progress in rehabilitation. President Trump is committed to providing a second chance to all Americans who pay their debt to society.

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Coronavirus update: Vice President Pence in Minnesota and Washington state today

Hasil gambar untuk Vice President holds briefing with Gov. Inslee about Coronavirus

The Trump Administration’s whole-of-government response to the Coronavirus continues today as Vice President Mike Pence visited a Minnesota company leading in healthcare innovation before he holds a briefing with Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington.

🎬 WATCH LIVE at 8:05 p.m. ET: Vice President holds briefing with Gov. Inslee

“I’ll be traveling with many members of the task force to Minnesota,” the Vice President announced yesterday. “We’ll be visiting 3M, which is poised to literally begin manufacturing millions more masks for our healthcare workers.”

In Washington state, Vice President Pence and members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force are meeting with teams on the ground to make sure they are fully supported in their response to the outbreak.

“Our hearts go out to those that have been infected with the disease in the Seattle area,” Vice President Pence said. “Also we understand the anxiety this has created in the full community, and we’re going to be going out just to make sure—and sitting down with the Governor and with his team—that they have everything they need and all the support they need to see to the health of their people.”

Thanks to early and decisive action from President Trump—as well as the professionalism of federal, state, and local health officials across the United States—the risk to the average American of contracting the Coronavirus remains low.

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Photo of the Day

First Lady Melania Trump meets with workers on the progress of the White House Tennis Pavilion | March 4, 2020

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