White House Report – MEDIA HUKUM INDONESIAFrom: The White House <info@mail.whitehouse.gov>To: <redaksi@mediahukumindonesia.com>Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 06:20:52 +0700 Subject: Press Secretary: Mayors need to protect their cities

Press Secretary: Mayors Need To Protect Their Cities

The rampant violence across American cities this past weekend claimed the lives of children as young as 3. It ended the life of a young father. It left more than 100 people shot in Chicago alone.

When local leaders excuse or ignore violence, the consequences are fatal. When corporate media downplays the carnage to fit its narrative, the victim count grows.

🎬 Press Secretary: Violence on our streets is “absolutely inexcusable”

“We expect mayors to step up and do their job and governors to step up and do their job—in the mold of President Trump, who secured D.C. after a night of lawlessness two weeks ago,” Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said during a briefing this afternoon.

President Trump took additional action last week to promote safe policing and safe communities. His executive order reserves certain grant money only for law enforcement agencies that meet the highest standards of conduct, including in the use of force.

The President also supports Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) legislation to increase police transparency, incentivize the use of body cameras, and withhold federal money from police departments that continue to permit the use of chokeholds by officers.

Americans want sensible, bipartisan justice reform modeled after President Trump’s First Step Act, which fixed unjust sentencing rules that disproportionately hurt the African-American community. Americans do not want politicians who bow down to the far-left movement to defund the police and excuse the deadly violence on our streets.

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President Trump extends visa suspensions to protect U.S. workers

President Trump is keeping his promise to put American workers first as our economy reopens following the global Coronavirus pandemic.

With a new proclamation signed today, the Administration is extending and expanding the suspension of certain immigration visas through the end of this year, ensuring that unemployed Americans are the first in line for new jobs.

Many U.S. workers have been hurt through no fault of their own as COVID-19 spread across the world. No American president should allow blue-collar or middle-class workers to remain on the sidelines and be replaced by new foreign labor.

In addition to extending the pause on new immigrant visas through the end of 2020, today’s proclamation builds on that measure with an additional pause on several job-related nonimmigrant visas, including H-1Bs.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support pausing immigration as we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, recent polls show. With some exceptions, such as to shore up critical supply chains, we should not permit large numbers of foreign workers to enter the United States at a time when so many citizens are out of work.

“We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens,” President Trump says.

GET THE FACTS: Learn more about today’s immigration decision.

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President Trump signs a proclamation suspending certain visas to protect American workers during the Coronavirus recovery | June 22, 2020
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