President Joko Widodo and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

BOGOR (Indonesia), MHI – President Joko Widodo received a courtesy visit from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, on Thursday, October 29, 2020. 

President Jokowi welcomed Mike Pompeo’s visit to Indonesia for the second time.
“Welcome to Indonesia. It is a pleasure to meet you for the second time in Indonesia,” said President Joko Widodo at the start of the meeting.

President Jokowi views Mike Pompeo’s visit in the midst of this pandemic as having an important strategic partnership between Indonesia and America. “During this pandemic, mutual visits between our officials were quite intensive, I can even convey the most intensively,” he added.

As is well known, recently the Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto visited the United States. Previously, US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James H. Anderson also visited Indonesia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi who also accompanied President Jokowi in the meeting said that President Jokowi conveyed a commitment to good partnership and friendship.

President Jokowi also wants the United States as a “True Friend of Indonesia”. This of course cannot be obtained by itself, but must be strived for and maintained.

“So the President said that to maintain this partnership, serious efforts are needed, mutual understanding is needed, and efforts are also needed to realize concrete cooperation, including economic cooperation,” explained Foreign Minister Retno.

According to Foreign Minister Retno, the President emphasized that Indonesia would like to see economic cooperation between the two countries increase in the future, including of course the hope of extending the Generalized System Preference (GSP) facility to Indonesia.

In addition, the President also wants defense cooperation with the United States to increase. The President also wanted to see America understand the interests of developing countries and emphasized that America would understand the interests of Muslim countries.

“Apart from that, the President also said that Indonesia wanted America to understand Southeast Asia and together with Southeast Asian countries to create peace, stability and cooperation in the region,” said Foreign Minister Retno.

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo expressed that he was pleased to be able to return to Indonesia and conveyed his strong commitment to continuing the strategic partnership with Indonesia, including in the economic sector. Pompeo also said that America would encourage more American businessmen to carry out “Economic Engagement” with Indonesia.

In the region, Indonesia is considered by the United States to play a special role, namely as the “anchor” of ASEAN. With Indonesia’s big role, America really wants to establish better relations with Indonesia, including in the economic sector and cooperation in the defense sector.

“Therefore, Mike Pompeo also said that he wanted to not only establish good relations at the government level, but also establish good relations and communication with” Grass Root “, with” Stakeholders “in Indonesia,” explained Foreign Minister Retno.

Finally, Mike Pompeo expressed his appreciation for Indonesia’s role on the Afghanistan issue. As is well known, Indonesia and America and several other countries have continued to work together from the start, trying to contribute to bringing peace in Afghanistan.

(Irf/Iks) MHI

Source: Cabinet Secretary

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