Irwan, The Head of DPC AWI (Indonesian Journalists Alliance) Bekasi Regency

BEKASI DISTRICT (Indonesia), MHI – Regarding the circulation of videos on social media in the name of APDESI (Association of Village Apparatus throughout Indonesia), Sukabumi District, with a number of Village Heads expressing their stance against the Media and NGOs by not mentioning details of individuals or names of Media and NGOs, giving rise to noise among the Press and NGOs which later became viral, (11/24/2020).

The video with a duration of approximately 26 seconds contains the resistance of the Village Head who is a member of the APDESI Sukabumi Regency, led by the Deputy Chairperson of the APDESI, Kades Ojang Apandi clearly stated simultaneously that, “We are Village Heads in Sukabumi District … who are members of the Sukabumi APDESI stated. . against NGOs and the media … who always torment the Village Head … independent … independent … Allah Akbar … Allah Akbar … thank you, “they shouted loudly without any coercion, in a healthy state and with great courage and looks to have been very well prepared beforehand, while the video taking which was done in the courtyard of the DPMD Sukabumi Regency office was uploaded and distributed by them.

Regarding this, the Head of DPC AWI (Indonesian Journalists Alliance) Bekasi Regency, Irwan.A, when asked for his response by the Media Crew (24/11/2020) at his office, began to speak out, that, “Declaration of statements against the Media and NGOs without mentioning with details of individuals as well as media and organizations as well as chronologically the problem is only “NGOs and the media who like to mess with the Village Head” … of course explicitly APDESI and Village Heads throughout Sukabumi District have violated the law of defamation, disturbed public order, including violating Law Number 40 of 1999, Concerning the Press and Law Number 14 of 2008, Concerning Openness of Public Information and others depending on the development of the Police if it has been reported by NGO Friends and Journalists … and this must be done so that in the future the Village Heads and APDESI is not arbitrary as long as it speaks or is haphazard declaration that seems less intelligent … lacks human resources and can be suspected ng his education so that what he does shows his own stupidity, “said Irwan.

According to the assessment of the Chairperson of the Bekasi AWI Regency, about what APDESI and the Village Heads in Sukabumi Regency are doing, it is suspected that it has indeed been carefully prepared and planned beforehand, “It should be assumed that it was well planned beforehand .. driven by APDESI itself. . because it is not easy to ask Village Heads in Sukabumi District to be hostile to or against NGOs and Media throughout Indonesia if they are not driven by something or agree on something that can be suspected of being pressure or other tantalizing things so that the Village Heads are willing to do this. he is stupid by fighting media and NGOs in Indonesia, he explained.

“We from AWI (Indonesian Journalists Alliance) Bekasi Regency certainly condemn and condemn the actions taken by APDESI and the Village Heads in Sukabumi Regency which have defamed the good name of the Media and NGOs throughout Indonesia and violated the law and asked the police not to cut down. choose in carrying out their duties and obligations as law enforcement officers by working professionally to immediately arrest the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of APDESI and Village Heads throughout Sukabumi Regency so that they are immediately processed according to the applicable legal rules for the creation of “Law Enforcement”, “concluded Irwan.

(Red) MHI

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