JAKARTA, MHI – Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Peter Batubara arrived at the KPK building, Jalan Kuningan Persada Kav.4, South Jakarta, on Sunday (6/12) at around 02:45 AM. Juliari was seen wearing a black jacket, brown pants, a black hat and a mask entering the KPK building accompanied by a number of KPK officers.

He went up the stairs to the KPk examination room on the 2nd floor. When the media crew tried to make a statement, Juliari simply waved and continued to climb the steps of the KPK building.

KPK has named Juliari as a suspect for allegedly accepting bribes worth Rp17 billion from covid-19 procurement partners for the Greater Jakarta area

Chairman of KPK Firli Bahuri said the case was initiated by the procurement of bansos handling Covid-19 in the form of food packages at the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2020 with a value of about Rp5.9 trillion with a total of 272 procurement contracts and implemented with 2 periods.

“JPB (Juliari P Batubara) as Minister of Social Affairs appointed MJS (Matheus Joko Santoso) and AW (Adi Wahyono) as Commitment Making Officers) in the implementation of the project by direct appointment of partners,” Firli said.

Press Conference on Catching Hand Activities By The KPK In The Ministry of Social Affairs

The five suspects are three alleged recipients, namely Mensos Juliari Batubara, Matheus Joko Santoso as a commitment-making official in Kemensos and Adi Wahyono. Two others as ardian IM and Harry Sidabuke. Both from the private sector

Firli Bahuri asked Mensos to turn himself in immediately. Besides Juliari, Adi Wahyono also turned himself in to KPK.

“We encourage, we ask the suspects brothers JPB and AW to be cooperative and immediately turn themselves in to the KPK. Because KPL will continue to pursue until the brothers are caught,” firli said.

It is alleged that there is an agreement on the cost of each work package that must be deposited by the partners to the Ministry of Social Affairs through MJS.

“For the cost of each package bansos agreed by MJS and AW of Rp10,000 per package of food from the value of Rp300,000 per package of bansos,” added Firli.

Matheus and Adi in May to November 2020 made employment contracts with several suppliers as partners, including Ardian IM, Harry Sidabuke and also PT Rajawali Parama Indonesia (RPI) which allegedly belonged to Matheus.

“The appointment of PT RPI as one of the partners is allegedly known to JPB and approved by AW,” firli said.

The implementation of the first period of food packages is expected to be received at a cost of Rp12 billion, the distribution of which is given in cash by Matheus to Juliari Batubara through Adi with a value of around Rp8.2 billion.

“The awarding of the money is then managed by EK (Eko) and SH (Shelvy N) as Juliari’s confidant for the use of various personal needs of JPB (Juliari Peter Batubara),” Firli continued.

Furthermore, the cost of collecting money from October 2020 to December 2020 amounted to around Rp8.8 billion which is also expected to be used for Juliari purposes.

From Operation Hand Capture (OTT) on Saturday, December 5 in several places in Jakarta, kpk officers secret money with an amount of about Rp14.5 billion in various currency denominations of around Rp11.9 billion, about 171,085 US dollars (equivalent to Rp2,420) billion) and about 23,000 Singapore dollars (equivalent to Rp243 million). Juliari was previously unknown to be out of town during the OTT.

The suspects to be severely punished

Related to the performance of KPK that conducts OTT (Hand Capture Operation) on suspects of Social Assistance Corruption Crimes (Bansos), the Chairman of THE NGO LPKN, Irwan Awaluddin S.H., greatly appreciates kpk’s performance in eradicating corruption by arresting corrupters without cutting down select and full of courage, it was expressed when asked for his response by the Media Crew in his office, saying “We are from NGOs. LPKN ( State Financial Audit Institute), greatly appreciates the performance of kpk in performing its obligations as executors by showing the results of extraordinary and exceptional work, where to perform tasks included in the category and classification of Extraordinary Crime requires variety of things including courage to uncover crimes involving officials and allegedly carried out in an organized, covert and massive to harm the State and People of Indonesia in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic,” said Chairman LPKN.

” Crimes related to humanity should have been eradicated to their roots because in addition to harming the country, it also makes people who are in need of social assistance from the government in the midst of Covid-19, in addition to being hampered.. also eliminate the rights of the people who should get help from the government so that the good name of the government was tainted by the actions of people who are not sane in the government itself who willingly deprive the people of the right in receiving the assistance they should get.. and we from the NGO LPKN (State Financial Audit Institute) condemn and strongly condemn the actions of the people in the government that harm and pollute the state and oppress and deprive the rights of the Indonesian people.. furthermore, we ask that the persons be punished severely or the death penalty and fully support the kpk’s resounding performance.. success and continued progress of KPK,” concluded Irwan Awaluddin SH, Chairman LSM LPKN (State Financial Audit Institute).

(Red) MHI

Source : Public Relations of The Corruption Eradication Commission 

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