Training Center of The Jamaah Islamiyah

JAKARTA (Indonesia), MHI – Densus 88 Anti-Terror Police managed to dismantle the gym or training center of the Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist network in a number of locations in Central Java, one of which was scattered in Gintungan Village, Bandungan, Semarang, Central Java,(12/28/2020).

In one of ji members’ training centers, Jamaah Islamiah chose to rent a two-story villa, where the surrounding atmosphere looks beautiful with a lot of spruce around a quiet area, when viewed from the layout, the building is like a villa that is also used as a resting place for its members, and from that house the young members are trained in martial arts and weaponry until the simulation of the attack of VVIP troops.

Head of Public Information Section (Head of Public Information) Polri, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan explained related to the location of the discovery by saying, “This or this location.. used as a training ground by the Islamic Jamaah terrorist organization during the period from 2011 to 2018..this place is located in Gintungan Village, Bandungan, Semarang,.. here and elsewhere. There are 12 locations. where trained as many as seven generations.. other locations are scattered in central Java,” he said.

Ahmad Ramadhan continued that, “The training provided is martial arts training, Military training, with the trainer is the perpetrator Karso alias Joko Priono who has been arrested and in the current process and is an inmate,” he said.

The purpose of the training, The Head of The General Explained, that, “The purpose of this training is to form an army in accordance with the program created by the Head of The Islamic Pilgrims, then the results of this training to prepare for military exercises in Syria,” he explained.

Related to the participants of the training, the Head of the Sub-District said, “The participants of this training were recruited from java and outside Java with participants training each generation ranging from ten to fifteen people,” he said.

“The location behind me is.. is a location used for 2 (two) days for martial arts training, Military training and ambush training by Islamic Pilgrims,” said Kombes Head of Public Affairs Ahmad Ramadhan on site.

The same thing was expressed by The Head of Public Relations of The National Police Irjen Pol Argo Yuwono, on Monday (12/28/2020) in his Press statement saying that, “The training center has been prepared by several trainers to form its members to be skilled in self-defense, using swords and samurai until ambush and bomb assembly, combat experts to ambush experts who they refer to as special forces in special uniforms,” he said.

“One of the trainers is terrorist Joko Priyono alias Karso who was appointed as a coach by Amir or JI Leader Para Wijayanto, while Karso was arrested in 2019 and has been an inmate with a sentence of more than 3 years in prison.”

He said that “The target network is to get smart children ranked 1-10 in Ponpesnya to be the future leaders of JI… each batch of 10-15 people from Java island and from outside Java.” He said.

A total of 95 people have been trained and trained. This younger generation is trained in martial arts using sharp weapons such as samurai and swords.” This location is a training ground for ji’s younger generation. They are trained in military style with the aim of forming an army in accordance with the program created by the leader of this network (JI),” explained Irjen Pol Argo Yuwono

He said in total there have been 7 forces of 96 people who entered and trained in the military in several regions in Central Java.

“After training here, this young generation was subsequently sent to Syria to study military training and the assembly of firearms and bombs. They prepare this young generation with the aim of becoming the future leader of this network (JI),” he explained.

“During the recruitment and training process, many JI members have been sent to Syria since 2013-2018 with funds that have been prepared by the network,” Irjen Pol Argo Yuwono said in a press statement, Monday (12/28/2020).

(Irf) MHI

Source: Police Public Relations Division

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