JAKARTA, (Indonesia), MHI – The Government of Indonesia through a Joint Decree signed by six Ministry and Agency officials has officially decided to ban the activities and use of symbols and attributes and the cessation of activities of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

“There are 10 officials associated with all of this. First, I as Coordinating Minister of Polhukam, then there is Tito Karnavian Minister of Home Affairs. Next came the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan, Menkumham Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly, Minister of Information Jhony G. Plate, Attorney General Burhanuddin, Commander of TNI Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, Chief of Police Idham Azis, Head of KSP Moeldoko, Head of BNPT Police Commander Boy Rafli Amar, Head of PPATK Dian Ediana Rae, we were accompanied by Wamenkumham,” said Minister of Police Polhukam Moh. Mahfud MD in a press conference at the Polhukam Ministry of Finance office, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/30/2020). 

Coordinating Minister polhukam explained that fpi since June 21, 2019 de jure has disbanded as an organization, but as an organization FPI continues to conduct activities that violate order and security, and contrary to the law such as acts of violence, sweeping or rajia unilaterally, provocations and so on. 

Based on the laws and regulations and in accordance with the decision of the Court No. 82 PUU 11 year 2013 dated December 23, 2014, the government prohibits FPI activities and will stop any activities carried out by THE FPI because FPI no longer has legal standing both as an organization and as a regular organization.

“So with this ban there is no legal standing to the central and local government officials. If there is an organization on behalf of fpi it is considered non-existable and should be rejected because its legal standing does not exist today,” said Coordinating Minister of Polhukam Mahfud MD.

“Violations of FPI activities are set forth in a joint decision of 6 highest officials in the Ministry and Institutions, namely the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Minister of Information, Attorney General, Police Chief and Head of BNPT,” continued.

Meanwhile, Wamenkumham Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej in the decree of SKB No. 220-4780 of 2020, Number M.HH-14. HH.05.05 Year 2020, Number 690 of 2020, Number 264 of 2020, Number KB/3/XII/2020, Number 320 of 2020 concerning Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes and Cessation of Activities of the Islamic Defenders Front, states that one, the Islamic Defenders Front is an organization that is not registered as a Community Organization as stipulated in the legislation, so de jure has disbanded as a Community Organization.

Second, the Islamic Defenders Front as a Community Organization that de jure has disbanded, in fact still continues to carry out various activities that disturb peace, public order and contrary to the law.

Third, prohibit the activities, use of symbols and attributes of the Islamic Logging Front within the jurisdiction of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Fourth, in the event of violations as described in the third dictum above, Law Enforcement Officers will stop all activities being carried out by the Islamic Defenders Front.

Fifth, ask the citizens: not to be affected and to engage in the activities, use of symbols and attributes of the Islamic Defenders Front; to report to law enforcement officials any activities, use of symbols and attributes of the Islamic Defenders Front.

Sixth, the Ministry /Institution that signed this Joint Decree, in order to coordinate and take law enforcement measures in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Seventh, this Joint Decree shall come into force on the date specified.

(Ir) MHI

Source: Public Relations Kemenko Polhukam RI

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