YOGYAKARTA, MHI -Armed Criminal Group (KKB) is a thorn in the flesh that always provokes the community and hinders development in Papua. The community also supports the TNI /Polri to defeat the group that has always acted heinously and violated the law in real terms,(6/2/2021).

Armed Criminal Groups in Papua should have been killed, Former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutiyoso once said that “The separatist group could be more dangerous if silenced. Papua could be out of Indonesia,” he said.

Furthermore, the 3-star general of the special forces command (kopassus) said, “Currently the KKB and other separatist groups in Papua continue to try to drag foreigners into Papua. The trick is to create trouble, bring about riots. At the same time, they continue to campaign about independence abroad,” He said.

Sutiyoso explained that, “KKB does not work alone, but there are other groups that actively demand independence. He explained that there is a West Papua National Committee (KNPB) that has an army called the West Papua National Army (TNPB). They committed various crimes of humanity to achieve their goals, namely separating from the Republic of Indonesia,” he explained.

“Overseas there is ulmwp (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) that continues to campaign and seek the support of other countries and bergerilya to the United Nations with human rights issues. The efforts of these groups for independence are carried out in various ways. Their security disturbances were aimed at dragging foreign involvement into Papua. Moreover, they realize that their struggle cannot be realized without involving foreign parties,” said the former head of the State Intelligence Agency.

KKB Human Rights Violators

On a different occasion, Papua Police Chief Irjen Paulus Waterpauw noted, KKB in Intan Jaya Regency has committed at least 23 times the terror shootings and other cases of violence throughout 2020. Paul asserted, “The number of acts of violence committed by the KKB in the Intan Jaya region of Papua shows that the group is the group that commits the most violations of human rights.” He said.

“Based on intelligence reports, since October 2019 a number of KKB groups began to shift from the eastern region of Intan Jaya such as the peak of Ilaga, Puncak Jaya, Tolikara, even Lanny Jaya to the area around Sugapa. Even some of these groups had entered the Tembagapura Mimika area in February 2020. They all joined the area to prepare logistics that they would prepare to fight in tembagapura area which they declared as a battlefield, but also they continued to search for ammunition and firearms that they seized from members of the Indonesian National Police,” said Papua Police Chief Irjen Paulus Waterpauw.

Paulus also hopes that there will be involvement of the Government of Intan Jaya Regency to be able to invite the KKB to have a dialogue to end all forms of violence in the region. “At the end of 2020 Mimika Police revealed that cases of violent shootings by the KKB have increased and become the most prominent case of concern throughout 2020,” he said.

“It is recorded that several KKB carried out the shooting terror act in Tembagapura to the terror shooting at pt Freeport Indonesia Administration headquarters in Kuala Kencana that occurred on March 30, 2020. In that incident, a foreign national (WNA) from New Zealand, Graeme Thomas Wall, was killed. The action also made people living in Tembagapura district ask to be evacuated to Timika,” said the Head of Papua Police.

KKB Must Be Crushed

Police Chief Timika AKBP I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata said, “The case of the shooting terror carried out by the KKB increased because the KKB in the mountainous area combined its groups and carried out acts of terror in the Tembagapura area. This condition makes them more intense in carrying out shooting actions,” he said.

It also hopes that by 2021 cases of violence can be reduced by the cooperation of all parties to create security and peace in the land of Papua.

“The most violent act of KKB that has not happened recently is the death of a citizen who was shot dead on charges of being a spy for the TNI-Polri. After shooting a citizen named Boni, KKB then sent a letter addressed to the TNI-Polri. In the letter, KKB claimed to have shot civilians living around the border between Sugapa District and Homeyo District,” Explained Timika Police Chief.

“In January 2021, Yonif Raider 400/BR Pratu Roy Vebrianto and Pratu Dedi Hamdani personnel died in gun contact with KKB, the victim died from gunshot wounds to the back. The actions of the KKB of course can not be tolerated, so the government, especially BIN, the Ministry of Defense and the Indonesian National Police need to take down the KKB in order to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia,” concluded AKBP I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata.(MHI)

By : Sabby Kosay

(The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta)


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