PAPUA, (Indonesia), MHI – Mimika Resort Police Chief AKBP I Gusti Era Adhinata mentioned that in accordance with the results of the crime scene and existing characteristics confirmed one member of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) was found dead at Mile 53 on Monday (1/3/21) is Ferry Elas (35) as Danton TPN OPM Kodap III Kalikopi Tembagapura led by Joni Botak.

He explained, from the results of matching faces with photos of Ferry Elas on the data base of the joint TNI-Polri operations team to the attributes used by the victim and the identification of images, found similarities between the victim and Ferry Elas.

“Even on other evidence in the form of a mobile phone found containing photos of Ferry Elas which after an investigation there is a match with the victim found at the crime scene both clothes used, clocks, necklaces, earrings, posture and face,” he told the Media Crew, (3/3/2021).

Furthermore, AKBP I Gusti Era Adhinata explained that based on the police’s criminal record, Ferry Elas was one of the KKB members who participated in the declaration of the merger of KKB in Central Mountains on August 1, 2019 in Ilaga, as well as involved several other crimes such as the seizure of civil society hp in Puncak Ilaga Regency in August 2019 and participated in security disturbances in Tembagapura in 2020.

“Also involved hostage-taking of teachers and criminal theft of hp teacher victims in Kampung Jagamin on February 22, 2020 and involved the shooting of The Post Pam TNI-Polri in Opitawak in March 2020,” he added.

Previously, Ferry Elas was shot by the joint TNI-Polri officers when he and 6 other KKB members carried out the attack by firing on TNI-Polri officers who were patrolling Mile 53 on Sunday (28/2/21) at around 10:30 a.m. WIT.

”When attacked the authorities retaliated with targeted gunfire, and one person was hit, while the other fled,” said Era Adhinata.

According to him, most likely at that time Ferry Elas and 6 kkb members will enter the PT area. Freeport Indonesia disrupted the company and employees, but was prevented by security forces patrolling Mile 53.

“The authorities are trying to pursue the rest of the KKB who escaped but were blocked by the river with heavy currents,” he said.

The severity of the terrain in the form of steep ravines and rivers with heavy currents, is also recognized Era Adhinata, when a joint team of TNI-Polri to go to the site of the crime scene.

(Ir) MHI

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