JAKARTA,(Indonesia), MHI – Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Azis Syamsuddin supports the Indonesian Government’s discourse on redefining the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB), becoming the “International Terrorism Organization”, (03/07/2021). The discourse refers to article 1 paragraph 2 in Law No. 5 of 2018.

Terrorism is defined as an act that uses violence or threats of violence that create an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear. Then, it can cause mass casualties. “Because the status will be definitive, and the legal umbrella will be stronger than the status of ordinary criminal groups,” Aziz told reporters last week.

Throughout 2020 there have been 46 acts of violence by OPM in Papua, 9 of which have died, consisting of 5 civilians and 4 security forces. Later, the shootings resumed with casualties from the security forces.

The police referred to them as armed criminal groups (KKB). The term defines security concerns in Papua due to organizations that violate criminal law by possessing and using weapons illegally. This means that OPM members are likened to market thugs, motorcycle gangs, bank robbers, and other criminals who use sharp weapons and firearms in performing their actions.

According to Aziz, the completion of OPM should be comprehensive. Tactically-operationally, the TNI and The National Police immediately destroyed and neutralized the attackers. Those caught are convicted of treason. The government also needs to define OPM as a terrorist organization in accordance with Law No. 5/2018 and Law No. 15/2003 on Terrorism.

“Within this framework, redefining the identity of Papuan armed criminal groups into terrorist groups, will automatically lock in the possibility of international community support for their movements,” he said.

“The government and the public can distinguish definitively between objective demands that are purely derived from the aspirations of papuans, and criminal movements under the guise of people’s political aspirations,” he added.

In addition, its designation as a terrorist corporation will assist the Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (PPATK) in accordance with Law No. 8/2013 on Terrorism Financing. PPATK can work with foreign financial intelligence agencies to track the flow of funds and money laundering related to terrorism, including its prevention.

After all, the flow of funds is OPM oxygen and the like, in addition to publications in the mass media and social media. Throughout 2019, dozens of TNI soldiers have been killed in Papua, killed by the armed gang. Meanwhile, in December 2018 OPM slaughtered 31 Trans Papua road construction workers. OPM also fired on Brimob personnel carriers and civilians.

Several Trans-Papuan workers and security personnel were also attacked during 2016-2017. In fact, in 2017, a thousand more people in Kimbely and Banti Villages, Mimika, were taken hostage, then released by tni and police officers.

OPM also killed motorcycle taxi drivers, health workers, and even raped teachers. In addition, OPM often persecutes the killing of indigenous Papuans who do not support its actions and intimidates local government officials and insists on supporting its actions and even obliges to hand over village funds.

Meanwhile, intelligence and security analyst Stanislaus Riyanta said the Papuan KKB had clearly fought the country with armed forces. Therefore, the state must fight and crack down firmly.

“These separatist groups need to be strictly acted upon, hunted down, let alone by them by fighting the state, scaring people with firearms,” he told reporters.

According to him, whatever the label for the Papuan KKB, be it terrorist organizations or separatist groups, the security forces should hunt them down because it has been against the state.

“It’s an act of terrorism in its name, whatever is important must be fought, the country should not be afraid. When they fight against the state by using weapons, yaudalah must be sought, hunted, Do not let them be left in the community, provoke the community, scare the community,” he concluded.


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