The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum

BEKASI REGENCY, MHI – The 4th Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) of the Indonesian Cyber Media Union (SMSI) of West Java Province was officially opened by the Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, at the Grandzuri Hall of Jababeka Hotel, Cikarang Selatan Bekasi Regency, Wednesday (24/03/2021).

“We give full appreciation and support to SMSI and hopefully it will be more advanced in the future. Certainly can contribute positively to the progress of West Java Province,” said Uu.

He hopes that the results of Rakerda SMSI West Java can give birth to the formulations of work programs. “We as a government are certainly ready to facilitate, I hope the city and district governments can do the same, cooperating with SMSI to succeed development programs in their respective regions. Happy following rakerda,” he said while opening the 4th Rakerda SMSI West Java Province in 2021 officially.

Previously the chairman of SMSI, Firdaus in his speech said that cyber media companies that have joined smsi membership as many as more than 1,300 cyber media companies spread throughout the district / city.

“The Indonesian Cyber Media Union is an organization where online press companies gather, like a plant, SMSI is not yet a lifetime of corn, but Alhamdulillah, its status has become a constituent of the Press Council,” said Firdaus.

The former chairman of PWI Banten Province emphasized the importance of Cyberindo News Room in maintaining the role and existence of media companies incorporated in SMSI.

“Especially in West Java Province, currently registered as many as 143 cyber media companies under the auspices of SMSI, all of them have met the requirements as a media company,” added Chairman of SMSI West Java Hardiyansyah in his speech.

After the inauguration by the Deputy Governor, Chairman of SMSI West Java Province Hardiyansyah, SH gave a certificate of membership of Cyber Media Polda Metro Jaya, to the Commander of Battalion D Pioneer Satbrimob Polda Metro Jaya, Kompol Budi Prasetya, S.I.K.

“Hopefully in today’s digital era, the media incorporated in SMSI can provide soothing information and not make our children fall into incorrect information, let alone misleading,” hope the chairman of the Bekasi District Parliament, B.N Holik Qodratullah.

“Hopefully this Rakerda can be a consolidation of the program and then can prepare measures in the framework of the progress of West Java in general and the city of Bekasi in particular,” said Deputy Mayor of Bekasi Dr. H. Tri Adhianto Tjahyono, SE, MM.

Meanwhile, chairman of SMSI Bekasi Raya Doni Ardon in his report said Rakerda SMSI West Java in 2021 in accordance with health protocols.

“We provide masks and handwashing for attendees and limit the number of participants to 25 percent of the hall capacity,” he said.

The Deputy Governor of West Java and Vice Chairman of SMSI Bekasi Raya

Rakerda SMSI West Java Province, in addition to designing work programs and formulation of strategic arrangements for members who joined also filled with a workshop titled “Building a Healthy, Quality and Professional Cyber Media,” with speakers from the Board of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) Bekasi H. Fatulloh and CEO ProPS Google Channel Partner, Ilona Juwita.

In addition to attended by the Deputy Governor, also attended the Head of Diskominfo West Java Province, Setiaji, S.T, M.Si, Deputy Mayor of Bekasi Dr. H. Tri Adhianto Tjahyono, SE, MM, Head of Diskominfo Bekasi Regency, Bekasi City, Chairman of the Bekasi District Parliament BN Holik Qodratullah, Commander of Battalion D Pioneer Satbrimob Polda Metro Jaya, Konpol Budi Prasetya, S.I.K, head of Diskominfo Bekasi Regency, the owners of cyber media under the auspices of , 6 representatives of SMSI Regency and City management.


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