Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo

JAKARTA, MHI – Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo spoke out about suspected female terrorists attacking the National Police Headquarters. The police chief insists the situation is now safely under control.

“Safe, while we process the crime scene to be clearer,” said Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Wednesday (31/3/2021).

The police chief said it was still conducting a crime scene. So it has not been able to provide further information about the suspected terrorists.

This afternoon, the Police Headquarters was attacked by suspected female terrorists. It is suspected that the terrorist was wearing a yellow shirt.

Police also incapacitated the suspected terrorist. From the perpetrator’s hand was found a gun and a yellow map.

Related Yellow Map

Regarding the Yellow Map, the Police Chief explained the suspected terrorist attacker Mabes Polri, ZA carrying a yellow map containing envelopes. Sigit revealed that ZA once uploaded an ISIS flag on his Instagram.

“Then from the results of the deepening and search we get some findings, related to the goods carried, perhaps the colleagues were seen carrying a yellow map and in it an envelope with certain words and then the concerned has a newly created Instagram or posted 21 hours ago in which there is an ISIS flag and there are writings related to the issue of how the struggle ,” he said.

The police chief said that from the results of the investigation, police also found a will when searching ZA’s house in Ciracas, East Jakarta. Now the Densus 88 Police team is investigating the possibility of other perpetrators related to the attack.

“We also found at the time of the search at his home wills and words in the WA Group of the family that the concerned will say goodbye so. I have ordered Kadensus to investigate and investigate the possibility of a network of these suspects,” Sigit said.

Lone Wolf Style

General Listyo said the police mabes attack belonged to the lone wolf category for acting alone. The police chief believes ZA is affiliated with the ISIS group.

Furthermore, Sigit Prabowo revealed the facts related to the suspected terrorist attack at the National Police Headquarters this afternoon. The perpetrator named Zakiah Aini is called acting alone or lone wolf.

“From the profiling in question, the suspect is a suspected lone wolf who is radicalized by ISIS,” he said at a press conference.

The police chief said this was evidenced by Zakiah Aini’s posts on social media. Less than a day before the attack, he posted an image of ISIS on his Instagram account.

“The person in question has a newly created Instagram or posted 21 hours ago, where there is an ISIS flag and there is writing on the issue of how jihad is fought,” he said.

Zakiah Aini is a 25-year-old resident of Ciracas, East Jakarta. He went to college but dropped out in semester V.

Attacking The Police Headquarters

Previously reported, Zakiah Aini attacked the Police Headquarters at around 4:30 p.m. He opened fire on the officer and was eventually shot at the scene.

General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that the perpetrator of the terror attack at the Police Headquarters was a woman with the initials ZA.

“Named ZA (25), the address on the street shooting range, Kelapa Dua Wetan, East Jakarta. Based on face recognation,appropriate,” explained the Police Chief to reporters at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3).

He also explained that, the woman entered through the back door of the Police Headquarters through the guard post. To the officer, the woman asked the post office located in the Police Headquarters.

“By the member was shown, but then the concerned again carried out the attack that was in the guard post,” explained the Police Chief.

As for ZA, it is a lone wolf that has isis ideology. This is evident from the results of profiling on social media found writings related to the jihadi struggle. In fact, before launching the attack, ZA posted on its Instagram account the ISIS flag.

“This person in question is a suspected lone wolf who is isis-affiliated. As evidenced by the relevant posts on social media, the person in question has a new IG account created 21 hours ago. Where inside there is an ISIS flag,” said the Police Chief.

The perpetrator is also known to be a student of one of the private universities, but Drop Out in the fifth semester of lectures. During a search of his residence, Densus finds a will addressed to the perpetrator’s parents.

“Found in his house a will, and there are words in the family WAG, if the concerned will say goodbye,” he said.

For this incident, the Police Chief requested that his ranks continue to provide maximum service to the community but improve security at all levels.

“Increase security at the command headquarters as well as on duty in the field,” concluded the Police Chief.

(Ir) MHI

Source : Public Relations Division of Mabes Polri

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