JAKARTA, MHI – President Joko Widodo presented a number of views to leaders and representatives of ASEAN countries while attending the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting (ALM) at the ASEAN Secretariat building, Jakarta, on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

First, President Jokowi said that the development of the situation in Myanmar is unacceptable and should not continue.

“Violence must be stopped and democracy, stability, and peace in Myanmar must be restored immediately. The interests of the People of Myanmar should always be a priority,” President Jokowi said in a press statement at the ASEAN Secretariat building, after attending alm.

Second, President Jokowi also conveyed the importance of Myanmar’s Military Leaders to make commitments. The first request for commitment is a cessation of the use of force from the Myanmar military.

“At the same time, all parties must refrain so that tensions can be eased,” the President added.

The second commitment request, the process of inclusive dialogue must begin immediately. According to the President, political prisoners in Myanmar should be released immediately and it is necessary to establish asean special envoys, namely the Secretary-General (Secretary General) and the Chairman of ASEAN to encourage dialogue with all parties in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the third commitment request is the opening of access to humanitarian aid from ASEAN coordinated by the Secretary General of ASEAN together with the AHA Centre.

“Indonesia is committed to overseeing the continued follow-up of the commitment so that the political crisis in Myanmar can be resolved immediately,” he said.

President Jokowi explained that the views expressed by the Indonesian side were in line with those expressed by the leaders of ASEAN countries. It can be said that ASEAN leaders have reached a consensus.

“The Secretary General of ASEAN has delivered five points of consensus that will be delivered by the Chairman or Secretary General of ASEAN. The content of the consensus is more or less the same as what I said in the national statement that I have mentioned earlier,” he said.

To be known, this ALM is an Indonesian initiative and is a follow-up to President Joko Widodo’s talks with the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam as Chairman of ASEAN on March 23, 2021, related to the resolution of the Myanmar situation.

Also accompanying the President when giving press statements were Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung.

(Irf/Tgh) MHI

Source : Press, Media, and Information Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat

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