PAPUA, MHI – After President Joko Widodo’s statement expressly instructing the Commander of the Indonesian National Army and the Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia to continue to pursue and arrest all Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) in Papua, simultaneously the combined TNI-Polri immediately moved comprehensively to raid the headquarters of armed crime groups (KKB) in Puncak Regency.

In the act of gun contact, joint TNI-Polri personnel paralyzed nine people from armed criminal groups (KKB) in an attack at Lekagak Telenggen Headquarters, Makki Village, East Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Papua. While gun contact took place it has taken almost a full day on Tuesday (27/4/2021) yesterday.

Kasatgas Public Relations Nemangkawi, Kombes Pol M Iqbal Alqudussy when confirmed Media Crew confirmed, about the incident of the TNI-Polri raid to the headquarters of armed criminal groups (KKB) in Puncak, Papua, has killed 9 people from the KKB.

“Right yesterday there was a law enforcement crackdown against the KKB, precisely at the olenski headquarters, Kampung Maki, Puncak Regency, Papua,” Iqbal said in his statement, Wednesday (28/4/2021).

Kasatgas Public Relations Nemangkawi, Kombes Pol M Iqbal Alqudussy said, that, “In the operation, there were nine members of the KKB who were paralyzed. Some managed to escape,” he said.

He explained that the gun contact stemmed from a pursuit of the group, post-terror in Beoga. Officials immediately conducted a raid after learning the location of the KKB in Olenski.

“Kkb victims 9 people and on the side of the Police 3 people, Bharada I Komang Wira Natha died, Bripka Mamat Saifudin gunshot wounds and Ipda Anton also shot,” said Iqbal.

“After the raid,” he continued, “KKB members ran kocar kacir and muncur as far as 1.6 kilometers.” He confirmed the TNI-Polri will continue to pursue and arrest KKB members.

“TNI-Polri remains committed to resolving the case of KKB’s riots, pursuing and arresting, the direction of President Jokowi, there is no place for the KKB, both in Papua and other regions,” Said Kasatgas Public Relations Nemangkawi.

Government Designates KKB as Terrorist and Terrorist Organization

While on the other hand in the same moment on different days, the Government of Indonesia has designated the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) as the List of Suspected Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations (DTTOT), (4/29/2021).

The determination of KKB in the List of Suspected Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations (DTTOT) was conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Political Law and Security (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD, in his press conference, Thursday (4/29/2021).

“The government considers that organizations and people in Papua who commit massif violence are categorized as terrorists,” mahfud said

Therefore, the government asked the TNI and The National Police to crack down on the increasingly troubling Kkb Papua. “The government has asked the Tni Police, BIN, and related officials to take immediate action quickly, decisively and measurably,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the views and attitudes of the government, due to acts of violence in Papua in recent days are increasingly troubling.

“Many indigenous Papuan leaders came to The Minister of Polhukam and the regional leadership there stated that the government’s support for action is needed to deal with the violence that arises in Papua,” mahfud concluded.


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