DEPOK,(Indonesia), MHI – Phenomenal events occurred when Muslims around the world perform fasting in the holy month of Ramadan related to the discovery and arrest indicated as “Demon Pig Thief” in the Area of Bedahan Village, Sawangan Subdistrict, Depok City, on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 09.00 Wib.

While the location of the discovery and capture indicated “Demon Pig Thief” is precisely in the plantation owned. Suratiyo, in the village. Surgery RT 02/04 Kel. Bedahan Sawangan Subdistrict, Depok City.

Indicated “Demon Pig Thief”, successfully captured by the residents of Bedahan Village, the catchers are, Ust. Adam Ibrahim (44), Heri Sunarya (36), Muhammad Rizki (16), Farhan (16) and Iwan Kurniawan (40).

In their statement to the officers and media crew, it began around March 2021, “Many residents around rw.04 neighborhoods lose money, while it happens every Tuesday night and Saturday night,”he said.

“A month ago people saw pigs and were captured always missing,” they added.

Furthermore, they explained, that, “Then the surrounding community leaders conducted a meeting and attempted to capture by way of Wirid,”they explained.

When asked how they captured the “Demon Pig Thief”, they said, “When doing the unveiling of “Demon Pig Thief”, we did it shirtless,”they said.

Then Ust. Adam Ibrahim (44) chronologically describes the capture of “Demon Pig Thief” in public by explaining, that,

“On Monday, April 26, 2021 around 10:30 p.m., residents prepared themselves and at 24.00 wib there were 3 people using motorcycles matic one person came down in robes to pak Suratiyo’s garden on foot but did not set foot on the ground like riding roller skates…. then the cloaked man sat down and after waiting for 1.5 hours… the person transformed into Boar, black color, using a necklace (Seraya in the show by Mr. Hamdani / former Head of RW.04-Red) and wearing a red headband, after becoming the person ran around because it was surrounded,… then the pig was captured using a Green Turban by sdr. Heri and Iwan, no. after being caught then in sow salt Kasar and in sabet with broom lidi amounted to 7 rods … then in kandangin in the location of the garden Mr. Suratiyo,” he explained chronologically the arrest event indicated “Demon Pig Thief”.

While the condition of “Demon Pig Thief” when captured in the type of Wild Boar is black, with the size of an adult dog, and wearing a black wooden necklace in the shape of a tasbeh and wearing a tie on the head in red (currently the pig is shrinking).

Furthermore, it is known that until after the arrest “Demon Pig Thief” is still alive but from the agreement of local community leaders, that they plan to turn off the “Demon Pig Thief”, increasingly more and more citizens are swarming to witness the existence of “Demon Pig Thief”, and to prevent the occurrence of unwanted things.

(Hjr) MHI

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