President Joko Widodo

JAKARTA,(Indonesia) MHI – Viral video related to the appeal and invitation of President Joko Widodo to promote to buy a variety of indonesian culinary products including “Bipang Ambawang” from Kalimantan as a culinary lebaran which later went viral in Meia Social and reaped various responses from the Nerizen and the public and continued to heat up so that it became Polemic, (09/05/2021).

The problem that arises and arises is caused that “Bipang Ambawang” is known to be a processed food made from pork.

Where Bipang itself has the meaning of “Roasted Pig”, while “Bipang Ambawang” is a typical culinary “Babi Panggang” from West Kalimantan.

The culinary promotion “Bipang Ambawang” was delivered by President Joko Widodo in a speech entitled “05.05 Proud Days made in Indonesia” uploaded by the Ministry of Trade, on Ramadan, May 5, 2021.

In the video -/+ 0:43 Seconds, President Joko Widodo conveyed to the Indonesian people about the government’s policy of banning Eid al-Fitr. The policy was adopted because it is still in the situation of the covid-19 pandemic.

With regard to that, President Jokowi invites people who miss the typical culinary of the region, or who usually homecoming buy souvenirs, to order online.

“Ladies and gentlemen who miss the typical culinary of the region, or who usually bring souvenirs homecoming, do not have to hesitate to order it online. Those who miss eating Jogja gudeg, Semarang bandeng, Bandung siomay, Palembang empek-empek, “Bipang Ambawang” from Kalimantan, and others, just order. And favorite food will be delivered to the house,” said the President of the Republic of Indonesia in the delivery of promotion to the public.

Blame Mensekneg Praktikno

Related to this, Volunteer Chairman Jokowi Mania (Joman), Immanuel Ebenezer blamed the Minister of State Secretary, Praktikno, who again had problems in the preparation of data and materials of the President’s remarks.

“This is the umpteenth time. From correspondence, administration to the President’s welcome data can also be wrong,” said Noel familiar greeting activists 98, Saturday (8/5).

Clearly, the president’s data and materials should be checked repeatedly. If there are words or sentences that feel foreign, can be confirmed first to the know.

“If the food is ‘bipang’, just click on Google, it’s out that means what. So there are omissions and mistakes in Sesneg that happen constantly and repeatedly,” said Noel.

As a result, when the video was geger and yammer, then Pratikno became a fireman, removing the video content that had already spread.

The problem, continued Noel, the video was already widely circulated. And when the issue of SARA is still very sensitive, then the President will be the target of blasphemy that can be used by his political opponents.

“That is not true yes Pratikno. Got to get him off. It’s been a long time,” Noel said.

President’s Favorite Food

Meanwhile, Presidential Spokesman Fadjroel Rachman straightened jokowi’s intentions by explaining if the bipang in question is jipang.

Jipang is a typical regional culinary that can be ordered online during Lebaran.

The explanation was written on @fadjroeL’s personal Twitter. Fadjroel Rachman also uploaded a screenshot of the braid sold online.

“This is BIPANG or JIPANG from rice. My favorite food since childhood until now. BIPANG or JIPANG from rice is indeed a hit food until now yes. Nuhun,” Fadjroel wrote.

‘I’m sorry, Don’t Shy Away’

However, the Explanation of the President’s Jubir received criticism from Fadli Zon. He stated that if the bipang in question is roast pork, Fadjroel should apologize.

Because according to him, the concept of speech delivered by Jokowi has mistakenly promoted food that is forbidden to be consumed in Islam for Eid souvenirs.

“If Bipang Ambawang means ‘roast pork’, you should just apologize because the concept of P @jokowi speech mistakenly promotes food for Lebaran,” said Fadli Zon as quoted from @fadlizon Twitter account on Saturday, May 8, 2021.

Members of the House of Representatives of the Gerindra Party assessed, the attitude is better done than having to snipe by obscuring the meaning of roast pork into jipang, a typical food made from rice.

“This is better than Shy Away obscuring the bipang n jipang of rice. Just say his intention is jipang not bipang,” he explained.

Food Not Related To Muslims

On the other hand, Kawendra Lukistian (Wasekjen Partai Gerindra) (8/5) in his response said, “I am very regretful, in the context of Eid greetings, exhortations not to go home and typical souvenirs of Eid. The president even mentioned food that is not related to the habits of Muslims, BIPANG Ambawang, please find out what Is Bipang Ambawang,”he said.

“The president’s communication team needs to be evaluated, the fundamentals like this are not maintained,” he said.

“When asked who is wrong, of course who made the brief and text in the speech. I am sure that the president as a devout Muslim does not really understand about bipang,” he added.

For Muslims Bipang Haram, For Non Muslims Do Not

Another response emerged from Ali Lubis, SH, in his writing via Whatsapp stating, that, “Bipang Ambawang suddenly Viral and famous in the virtual universe because it is called Mr. Jokowi in his speech, it is actually a trademark of west Kalimantan specialties,”he said.

“Mr. Jokowi’s short speech is clear, for those who miss the typical food of the region please order through online. It means if you do not miss ya do not need to be in the message, simple right.
The protest occurred because Bipang is a type of food from processed pork, then is it wrong for Mr. Jokowi to promote it?? Of course not, unless Mr. Jokowi tells Muslims to buy and eat it. That’s just wrong,” he said.

“Many regional specialties are called, not just Bipang. Eid holidays are certainly not only Muslims who celebrate it, non-Muslims also participate,” explained Ali.

According to Ali Lubis, “For Muslims Bipang is Haram, but not for non-Muslims. It means that Mr. Jokowi’s speech is not only aimed at Muslims, but for other people also affected by the homecoming ban,” 

“So, The People of Indonesia, especially those in the region are also many non-Muslims, if they want to pesen and eat Bipang certainly not wrong also especially for those who like.
Indonesian Muslims are smart people of course it is not possible also they message Bipang and send them to relatives for eid menu,” sambyngnya.

“Lastly,” ali said. “It is better to stop protesting about Bipang, because Bipang is just like BPK ( Babi Panggang Karo ) in the land of North Sumatra where many also like to eat it specifically non-Muslims there,”He concluded.

President Has Failed to Divest Muslims 

Different responses emerged from the Political Writer, Ahmad Khozinudin who asserted in his writing via Whatsapp on Saturday (8/5), that “The mention of Bipang Ambawang is certainly hurting the hearts of Muslims,” he said, “Because, Eid al-Fitr that will soon come is Eid al-Fitr, where there is a tradition of Eid celebrated by preparing a variety of food as a treat for guests who come.” He said

“The President has failed to dive into the spiritual atmosphere of Muslims,” he said, Therefore to Mr. President Joko Widodo we convey to you; 

First, you actually have a moral disability prohibiting homecoming on pandemic grounds, while you yourself violate health protocols by creating a number of agendas that cause crowds. You also become unfit to be taken as an example, because in the midst of the policy of banning homecoming you let TKA China come by allowing the opening of flight routes Jakarta – Wuhan, the home city of the Covid-19 virus.

There have been too many policies that you have made inconsistent, mencla mencle, isuk dele sore tempe. Your people are ent to the pandemic issue, while malls, shopping centers and tourism, you let it operate freely.

Second, We homecoming homesickness, miss emak, miss fathers, miss brothers and sisters, miss elementary school friends, miss relatives, miss everything about our past. With homecoming, it’s all healed because when homecoming all gathered in the village.

If you come home not during Eid, the village is quiet, we miss a number of elementary school friends, junior high school friends, STM friends, miss relatives, miss everything about our past, it can not be healed.

So, food is just one factor. if you just miss food, in Jakarta we can get any food from the image of the entire archipelago, from jogja gudeg to Padang rendang. But that’s not what Mr. President, we long for rendang made emak, enjoy it beside the emak, while feeling the cool breeze of the village, away from the noise of the city of Jakarta, and momentarily can release aggravation on the promise of false promises mr. President.

Third, it’s Eid al-Fitr, not Chinese New Year or Christmas. What’s the matter, Mr. President, ask us to order Bipang Ambawang? we respect non Muslims who consume it, but we do not think how can there be a President who is Muslim invites his muslim-majority people to consume pork? and it is done on the eve of Eid al-Fitr?

“Already Mr. President, stop hurting our hearts Muslims. You have failed to prosper us, do not add to the anger by hurting our hearts. We do not want to spread with vengeance for your words that do not empathize with our fate,”He concluded.

Apology Through Trade Minister

Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi apologized for the statement of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) when inviting the public to shop for regional specialties online (online) because there is a ban on homecoming during the Eid al-Fitr 2021 period.

Previously, Jokowi’s statement was considered odd because it also included Bipang Ambawang food. Bipang can refer to the abbreviation of roast pork, a typical culinary of West Kalimantan.

“With regard to the statement about Bipang Ambawang, the first we must see in the context of the entire statement of Mr. President is in the video that invites the People of Indonesia to love and buy local products,” Lutfi said in a video on the Ministry of Commerce’s Youtube account, quoted Saturday (8/5).

According to Lutfi, Jokowi’s statement is intended for all elements of society consisting of various tribes, religions, and cultures.

“The father’s statement is intended for all Indonesian people consisting of various tribes, religions and cultures that have a rich culinary archipelago from various regions. Every food has its own characteristics and is a local favorite,” he said.

In this case, continued Lutfi, a typical culinary called Jokowi aims to promote the diverse culinary of the archipelago.

“Clearly the culinary is consumed favored by various groups of diverse communities,” he continued.

The Ministry of Trade, as the party responsible for the event that Jokowi attended in the viral video, apologized. Lutfi also made sure there was no intention of ‘deviating’ from what Jokowi said.

“We from the Ministry of Trade as the person in charge of the event once again ensure that there is no intention whatsoever from the statement of the President. We apologise profusely if there was a misunderstanding because our intention is just to make us all proud of domestic production including regional specialties,” he said.

He then invited all elements of society to be proud and promote regional specialties in Indonesia.

“Let’s be proud and promote diverse indonesian cuisine so that it can drive the economy, especially MSMEs,” he concluded.

(Red) MHI

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