PAPUA, (Indonesia ) MHI – The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is conducting an investigation into a social media post showing its Citizens wearing army uniforms and calling itself the Sepik Battalion, which declared it ready to fight against the Indonesian army to defend the opm terrorist group in West Papua,(12/5/2021).

Papua New Guinea’s Foreign Minister Soroi Eoe in a statement said that “The actions of a group of its citizens are criminal and are being investigated by the authorities,” he said.

Another statement coming from the Commander of the PNG Security Forces said that, “PNG citizens should not involve themselves with Indonesians and that’s their internal affairs,” Major General Gilbert Toropo said as reported by post courier, Tuesday (11/5).

He said the group did not represent PNG as a country. “This is a criminal element, as opposed to a national attitude with our closest neighbor Indonesia,” he said.

Furthermore, the Commander of the PNG Security Forces said, “It will work with law enforcement agencies to arrest these criminals on charges of making illegal forces in PNG against Indonesia and its military forces.” Major General Gilbert Toropo.

(**) MHI

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