PAPUA,(Indonesia) MHI – West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB-OPM) spokesman Sebby Sambom issued a stern warning to all immigrant civilians, especially those in armed conflict areas such as Intan Jaya, Puncak Papua and Ndugama to leave the area immediately (7/6/2021).

In a 02:30 Second video he uploaded Sebby Sambom asserts, “We from meneyeme headquarters announced a stern warning to all Indonesians, immigrants who come to find food in the land of Papua… both in the area of the Papua war conflict especially… we give warning for you to immediately leave the war conflict areas namely Intan Jaya, Puncak Papua and Ndugama,” he said, (6/6/2021).

Furthermore, Sebby Sambom explained, “Because, the area TPNPB will not be responsible if you die there, do not reason it builders, motorcycle taxi drivers, no reason, we have announced the region, the war area,” he said.

“So let the TNI / Polri, setankah troops, harimaukah, crocodiles who come to live there, opponents nih TPNPB,” he said.

“And we believe TPNPB will burn all cities, any building will be burned… it’s an order,”

“Because we don’t need the development that Indonesia does, we will build our country with our own money after our own independence… we don’t need the development of Indonesia and Indonesia it’s just imaging, it’s we don’t need… and the people of Papua around the world understand and advise well on this,” said Sambom.

A spokesman for tpnpb also asserted, “Now think to rise up and fight, establish the country in this year,”he said, and in reiterated, “The last two three years so that we build our own country, there are people west Papua become ministers themselves, become ambassadors around the world, not be assistants of Indonesia, take away tundik-submissive to Jakarta.. Respect, Mr. Minister hirmat-hormat it sop.. so thank you for your attention,” concluded TPNPB-OPM Spokesman Sebby Sambom.

(Red) MHI

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