Attorney General ST Burhanuddin

JAKARTA, (Indonesia) MHI – The Attorney General’s Office brought home Adelin Lis a fugitive in a corruption and illegal logging case from Singapore to Jakarta. Adelin Lis’s return to Indonesia was justified by the Attorney General’s Legal Information Center which invited the media crew to attend a press conference on Saturday at 7:30 p.m, (20/06/2021).

“Hereby informed to the crew of television media, print media, online media, that the Legal Information Center of the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia will deliver a press conference related to the repatriation of fugitives (DPO) on behalf of convicted Adelin Lis,” reads the message of the Kejagung Legal Information Center received, Saturday night, June 19, 2021.

News of the fugitive’s return from the Adelin Lis illegal logging case to Indonesia has also been broadcast on social media on Saturday, with photos of the fugitive on board garuda indonesia. Adelin Lis was repatriated using Garuda Indonesia commercial aircraft that was scheduled to land at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at around 7:40 p.m.

Head of the Kejagung Legal Information Center Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak said fugitive illegal logging case Adelin Lis was treated as a high-risk DPO. Adelin Lis arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport from Singapore on Saturday night, June 19, 2021 on Garuda Indonesia Flight GA-837.

“When a convicted person enters a Singapore airport, a fairly strict escort is carried out by the Singapore Police by treating the convicted with a high-risk DPO,” Leonard said at a press conference at the Attorney General’s Office in South Jakarta Saturday night, June 19, 2021.

Leonard said since June 16, that the Prosecutor’s Office is trying to repatriate Adelin Lis’s DPO. Adelin was arrested after being caught using a fake passport in Singapore.

Intensive communication was also conducted with the Singapore government, through the Minister of Foreign Affairs with the Indonesian ambassador in Singapore.

“With optimal work, convicted at 6:40 p.m. singapore time was convicted of getting on board Garuda,” Leonard said.

Attorney General ST Burhanuddin said this repatriation could happen thanks to slick cooperation between all parties.

“This is thanks to the support of the Singapore government authorities and cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. And especially the cooperation and support of the Attorney General of Singapore,” burhanuddin said.

Adelin arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten around 19.00 WIB. He is seen wearing a red vest and handcuffed and wearing a mask. Adelin appears to be flanked by a number of people next to him.
The fugitive in the illegal logging case was then herded into a mini-bus. In it Adelin sat sideways and appeared to be accompanied by a number of prosecutors.

As it is known Adelin Lis is a fugitive since 2008, was included in Interpol’s red notice list.

Experience in 2006, when Adelin Lis was about to be arrested at the Embassy in Beijing, she and her bodyguards fought back and beat up the Staff of the Embassy of Beijing and fled.

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has been coordinating with the Attorney General of Singapore to convey the wishes of the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia.

Biodata about the crimes committed by Adelin Lis has been submitted to the Attorney General of Singapore.
Singapore’s attorney general is well aware of the case. However, he said, the authority for repatriation is in the ICA (Immigration Singapore), the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore.

The Indonesian Embassy has officially conveyed the desire of Indonesian law enforcement to allow special pickup to the fugitives of the snapper class.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore on 16 June 2021 did not give permission for direct pick up. In accordance with Singapore’s rule of law, Adelin Lis will only be deported by commercial aircraft.

On the one hand, Adelin Lis’s son has written to the North Sumatra High Prosecutor’s Office so that his father is allowed to go home alone to Medan and will come to the Medan State Prosecutor’s Office.

Adelin Lis had even booked a ticket to Medan for a flight on June 18, 2021, when sentenced by a Singapore court asking to be paid twice for claiming to be experiencing financial difficulties. Andelin also requested that he be detained in Tanjung Gusta Prison.

Adeline Lis is known to have fled to China and was arrested by the Indonesian Embassy in 2006. However, the next day managed to escape after dozens of unknown people ganged up on four Indonesian embassy officers who escorted him. After that, it can be arrested again with the help of beijing police.

In 2008 Adelin again escaped until being caught again in March 2021 in Singapore. Adelin was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a fine of Rp1 billion, and a replacement of Rp199 billion rupiah for corruption cases. 

Rumor has it adelin lis, fugitive snapper Attorney General arrested singapore immigration for passport forgery.

“The Attorney General of The Republic of Indonesia managed to return dpo convicted Adelin Lis, a team led directly by the Young Attorney General of Intelligence Dr. Sunarta. There is no safe place for fugitives,” wrote the Attorney General’s official Instagram account @kejaksaan.ri.

(*) MHI

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