JAKARTA,(Indonesia), MHI – Coordinating Minister for Political Law and Security Mahfud MD confirmed that the government called all obligors and deibitur of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) including Tommy Suharto to pay off its debt to the country, (08/26/2021).

Mahfud who is also the Chairman of the Director of the BLBI Rights Handling Unit (BLBI Task Force) said all obligors and debtors amounted to 48 people with a total debt of Rp 111 trillion. They, Mahfud said, are currently in Singapore, Bali, and Medan.

“We need to make it clear that the invited ones are all. About 48 obligors and debtors who have debts to the state amounting to Rp 111 trillion. So make no mistake, that this is only Tommy Suharto,” Mahfud said in the video caption of the Public Relations Team of the Indonesian Police Ministry on Wednesday (08/25/2021). Mahfud revealed that Tommy’s current debt to the country amounted to Rp 2.6 trillion. But, he said, that number could change.

“On top of that many are in debt of tens of trillions, seven, eight trillion so, the whole total is Rp 111 trillion,” Mahfud said.Mahfud insists all obligors and debtors must pay their debts to the state. That’s because, Mahfud said, the money is people’s money.

“They got nothing, got nothing, then the debt to those on behalf of the state formally, and then not paid it should not be,” Mahfud said. Mahfud also invited 48 BLBI obligors and debtors to cooperatively pay off their debts to the country which totaled Rp 111 trillion.

Mahfud also said the government will be firm about this, among others, because the time given to the BLBI Task Force is only until December 2023.

“Therefore, please be cooperative. We’re going to be tough on this. Since we are given time by the country, by the president not long, given until December 2023, we will report later to where this is finished,” Mahfud said.

“Nevertheless,” said Mahfud, “If as many as 48 BLBI obligors and debtors are absent or uncooperative, then the government will handle the civil case criminally,” concluded Minister of Justice Mahfud MD.


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